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11 thoughts on “Bodycam Video Shows First 3 Minutes After Pit Bull Attack; Police Officer Rescues Victim and Provides Comfort

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  1. The dog owner's lack of insurance doesn't mean that a suit can't be filed. And won.

    Here in Tucson, an attorney-friend won a $500k judgment in a pit bull mauling case. The victim was a toddler who lived next door to the property where the pit bull was.

    The dog's owners didn't have insurance. But the owner of the house they were renting? He was insured. And was sued. Bigtime.

  2. That is an amazing video. You can hear the stress in the officer's voice also, when he's explaining that he shot the dog to the other first responder.

  3. I've never been seriously attacked (just a few puncture wounds and bruising) so I can't really appreciate the victims fear but the officer did really well to keep her calm and stop her going into shock.

    Her hand looked a bit mangled – she may have some loss of dexterity and movement in that hand for the rest of her life.

    I can't believe this girl still believes the "how they were raised" myth after this :S

    • She believes the myth because it's spouted at every God given place I know of. How can you think for yourself that something's wrong with Pitbulls when EVERYONE is telling you they are not only good dogs but the best dog. For every one of us that knows the truth there are a handful of idiots trying to cover up what they know nothing about. You know it and I know it.

  4. This such a powerful and telling video. I'm so glad she survived the attack. Prayers and peace to all the victims out there. You have a friend in me.

  5. The myths, especially the "how they're raised" one, are what people use to reassure themselves that something bad won't happen to them. Believing the myths gives them a sense of control. I've noticed this kind of thinking in other areas of life, too, but we certainly see it displayed constantly on comment threads for pit bull and dog attack articles–and particularly by pit bull owners.

    I love dogs and would love to think that one would never hurt me. Many of us have been raised on stories like Old Yeller and White Fang, but adults have to face reality.

    I hope this young woman regains full use of her hand and recovers from this trauma. Kudos to the wonderful police officer!

  6. Yes, I thought about that. Pit advocates would just love it if, like Old Yeller, all the attacking pits had that excuse, wouldn't they? Yet none of these dogs test positive for rabies (though of course many of them haven't been vaccinated).

    I just think a lot of us have been conditioned to believe that treating an animal nicely means it will respond in kind. That may be where this attitude of "it's never the dog's fault" comes from. Sigh.

  7. Fantastic job by the officer. I had my face ripped off by an Akita just over 2 years ago. I watched the video and completely understand her feelings in that state of shock. I still suffer from PTSD as a result of the attack and can't be near any large dog without feelings of panic.

    I hope the dog is held accountable i.e. sued and/or prosecuted.

    Also, I'm glad the dog is dead and no longer in a position to harm anyone else. I was the 3rd victim of the dog that mauled me, so if that dog had been put down after the first or second attack, I would have never had to go through what I went through.

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