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22 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Three Pit Bulls in Escambia County, Florida

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  1. Sheesh here we go another death by the vicious dangerous dog aka pitbull it will never end because I guess people valued pitbull over people .if people truly cared people over dogs they would ban those ugly dog long it not a pitbull when it killed someone because there no pitbull isn’t a dog breed but in rarity when a pitbull saved a life it a pitbull see pitbull are good dogs.

    • You are correct about the pit bull and people who own them. The breed needs to be van and those owners need to be charged with MURDER when they have these dogs and they kill. Only one way to stop it is to stop the idiot owners and ban the breed.

    • I doubt if any vet is giving this dog much treatment. Maybe pain med. (Pitbulls don’t feel pain.). A bandage on its toe? The public would want this dog “treated”.
      Pitbull lovers would be irate if it wasn’t treated. Of course, euthanasia solution IV is treatment.

  2. I had to take a second look, to make sure I really was seeing a new death. Busy week, those nanny dogs have had a lot of extracurricular activity!

  3. Another senior, dead from pitbulls.

    As if heart failure, strokes, epidemics, dodging cars at intersections and falls weren’t dangerous enough for seniors–now we have to worry about being pitbull chow?

    So much for “cherish the wisdom of your elders”.

  4. “The owner of the pit bulls was not on scene, according to the sheriff’s office.” Well thank goodness the dog owner is safe.

    I wonder if this may be yet another case of someone killing their mom or dad with their stupid choice of pet.

    • No wait, a witness who lives at the residence chased the dogs off. So I think the attack must have happened outside, so probably not a relative of the owner. I was confused by the missing pieces of the story. Sorry for inserting more confusion.

  5. They haven’t found the owner yet. They should put a muzzle on the dog in custody, attach a tracking device, release it in the area hungry, and see where it goes to find food. Whoever is feeding it is responsible for it.

    A tracking device can be as simple as a cellphone.

    • Great idea, Rebecca! Put a collar on the “lost” dog and attach an air tag to it.

      Several people are discovering they can track their lost luggage from the Southwest Airlines grounding debacle recently. One person found her luggage went to dozens of places before retrieving it.

      Keeping several air tags on hand at Animal Control Services would benefit the agency for a low cost.

  6. It has been quite the month for pit bull killings. One thing I have noticed, when comments are allowed, it seems more people seem to be figuring out what pits and their owners are, or are less afraid to vocalize it.

    • I wuvs me some pibbles. It’s all in how ya raise ’em when they go wrong.

      Until they kill someone then it’s time to hit the fugitive trail cuz it t’weren’t my fault. Ma pibble were defective.

      If it wasn’t so tragic, these people would be a sitcom.

    • Yup, bad peoples were mean to da pibbles.

      That’s the story, now.

      Not the fact that had they been GSD or Dobes, yup someone would probably get bitten but it’s far less likely they’d be dead and nobody would be lining up to save the dogs.

      Maybe this will get through to people.


      Dear Enterprising Purveyor of Illicit Substances:

      Do not use pit-bulls as guard dogs. They’ll eat your customers as well as your personal guests. Pit-bulls eating people will result in a rapid decline in your business as well as alerting authorities to the presence of your trade.

      Consider some discreet webcams and strong locks, an alarm or two, steel doors and bootleg exits. They’re cheaper to maintain and less likely to result in arrests and lawsuits as well as alert you to the presence of law enforcement in advance rather than the reverse.

      Yours Truly,
      Walter White

      PS: Granny can’t cook for you if your pit-bull eats her.

  7. This post was updated May 1, 2023 to reflect that this owner has been arrested and charged with a felony.

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