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6 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Holmes County Woman, 69, Killed by Dogs, Over 100 Bites Inflicted; No Charges

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  1. Let me guess the dogs in question are wait for it pitbulls.what else dog breeds killed their victim english sheepdog.Anyway it no surprised that they didn’t charge the dog owner with nothing per usual .pitbull owner never get charged with anything whether their pitbull killed someone left a little girl scar for life.nothing all they get is a caution ticket.

    • And Florida, at least in my county isn’t doing anything when you call about a loose pit bull even when it is aggressive towards you in your own yard. They are bunch of pit lovers and tell you it is so friendly even though you have video of it snarling and growling with it’s head down and if you were not behind your own fence which you got to just in time it would of came after you.

      • Sounds like life here in Tucson. Not long ago, I called our local AC agency to report loose dogs.

        These dogs have gotten loose before, and, during one of their previous excursions, they threatened me in my front yard.

        So, let’s just say that during my most recent report, I wasn’t terribly amused when the dispatcher asked me for the names of the dogs. I responded by saying, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

        To AC’s credit, they did dispatch a truck to the dog owner’s house. By that time, the dogs were safely back in the yard. I’m sure that the owner got a real talking-to. (Sarcasm off.)

          • I don’t know if they did for the most recent incident, but they did file a report for the incident that involved me being threatened in my own yard.

            And, yes, I have the case number for my near-attack in my own yard. So, AC can’t play the “we have no reports of any previous incidents” game.

  2. I saw a listing from Helsinki the other day which listed the rough coated collie as the most aggressive breed of dog. Interestingly the smooth collie was ranked much better. I would take my chances with aggressive collies over pitbulls.
    Their muzzle is too long and slender for bitework.

    It’s sad that people don’t control their dogs. My dog is not allowed to go outside using the
    front door. Why? I don’t want him hit by a car. The owners of these dogs didn’t give a damn over what his dogs did. They shouldn’t have been allowed to kill.

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