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21 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Pack of Dogs Kill Woman Living at 'Home Sweet Home' Assisted Living Facility in Florida

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  1. Dangerous animals living loose on the property of health care facilities. I am going to guess that they were not Chihuahuas or beagles or golden retrievers or poodles or dachshunds or cocker spaniels or yorkies that caused her death by biting her ankles. Someone in a position of power and authority authorized those dogs to be living on that property. How do we know if that person is evil? Evil is as evil does. Love does not wield dangerous animals.

  2. That facility in Texas, is disgusting in the way that they keep calling this adult dog a “puppy”, “our puppy, Charlie.” And not once do they even talk about his breed which makes it very clear, what we all know, it’s a pit or pit mix. You can even tell that from the video. There is no unfortunate accident here. This dog has bit before at this facility. As you’re watching the video you see it tried to bite the lady the first time before it actually lunges and latches onto her face. Yes, this is supposed to be an accident, * cough cough*.

    I suppose we’re gonna find that the Florida facility had a bunch of pit bulls and their mixes in that pack of dogs they had living there.

    Once I had the experience of visiting somebody in a nursing home to be surprise when I walked in the room and there was a woman sit there sitting there with Very large pitbull. She immediately started babbling to me that it was a therapy dog. I hope this results in huge lawsuits and I do hope there’s more. These are not the only facilities allowing these awful dogs in them.

  3. There is a patch of green beside the parking lot of San Francisco General Hospital where pit bulls have been allowed to frolic off leash. One-stop service — mauling and ICU in a single convenient location.

  4. Why anyone would allow any dog free reign in an assisted living home, is beyond me. I do not understand that mentality. My heart goes out to both victims. Thank you for referencing the non fatal incident too. Shocking.

  5. This is a level of gross negligence that needs to go to jail. All the people involved should never be permitted to look after another person or own an animal again.

  6. My mother died last summer. Before she passed, a couple of family friends brought their therapy dog-in-training for a visit.

    Don’t panic, the dog was not a pit bull. And she was a real sweetheart.

    In order to bring her into the hospice, my friends had to fax the dog’s rabies certificate to the office.

    While the dog was visiting my mother, she had to be leashed. She was.

    Although she was still a puppy, I could tell that my friends’ dog will make a fine therapy dog. She made the passing of my mother easier to bear.

  7. I’ve lived in Florida all my life and have never heard of Washington County. I looked it up. It’s a dry county over in the big bend area. While I had the map up my husband walked in. He told me of an incident that happened years ago. He and a friend were traveling in that part of Florida, not far from Chipley, which is the county seat. They came upon a group of men getting ready for, I kid you not, a KKK meeting. My husband, who at the time had long hair, and his friend quickly high-tailed it out of there.
    I would not be surprised to find that there are breeders of actual fighting dogs in the area.

  8. Over the past few years I have lost the total of seven (7) goats from dog attacks – 3 on one attack and 2 on two other attacks. I last determined I would no longer have any goats though they were on my fenced and living property because I could no longer bear the heart ache. It is a shame that people owning dogs can’t keep them under control. They could and would if the law and public officers enforced the law. They keep getting by without taking responsibility for their dogs. Let it be known well that any dog coming on my property will be shot if at all possible.

    • Have you ever thought about getting some wolf leg traps to put around the goat pen when you’re not there? You might stand a good chance of catching (and eliminating) the next canine perps.

      • If there is a wolf leg trap around goats, even outside their pen, the goats will get caught. It doesn’t matter where you put them or how careful you are. It’s just the nature of goats.

    • i lost 32 goats over a period of 6 years to neighboorhood dogs -23 were to the same dog and 11 + 2 babies being born by that same 1 dog in a period of about 2 hours (i had gone to town to the feed store and yes we had ‘guard donkey’ because my grandfather thought that would work against dogs) that damn dog would have killed that donkey twice if i hadnt been there
      but anyway…needle4ss to say im soooooo NOT a ‘dog person’
      this particular dog was a bull mastiff/ great dane mix -thats what they claimed it to be and that is what appeared to be-it was so big and tall it scaled 5-6 foot pasture fencing effortlessly at and corner or h brace or anywhere else there was a 5 ft + top rail

  9. Just saw a new Coors Light commercial in which a young woman cuddles with a huge, cropped-ear pit bull on a couch. It looked like an ad for pit bulls as much as it did for beer. It is no wonder so many people believe these dogs are loveable and safe.

  10. It is worth mentioning that group homes are 100% funded by state tax dollars. 100%. What creating budgeting was used to cover the cost of keeping five pit bulls?

    Secondly, concerning the Tx case. The original article has the facilities statement:

    “Village Green Alzheimer’s Care Home is founded on the Eden Alternative philosophy and principles of dignity, respect and freedom of choice. Where our care home centers around nature, family, pets and music. We have always taken great pride in the care and comfort we offer to our residents, and families. We received the puppy “Charlie” from his previous owner after she was assured that he was a great joy and comfort to the residents. He was re-homed at our community. As per our policy, all rescues are cleared by the veterinarian and are up to date on all shots and records. Observations are provided by all managers, staff members and families to ensure a smooth acceptance and transition of any pet in our home. Our pets are companions and for social comfort, not “service animals”. We are deeply saddened by the incident at our Tomball Community which was an accident caused while the resident was playfully engaging with our puppy Charlie. But given the exaggerated and unsubstantiated statements by Kerensky, we would like to share the following facts of the incident. Post incident, Ms. Graves was discharged within 3-4 hours from the hospital and her daughter brought her back to our care at our community. Ms. Graves daughter stated to us that she understood this incident involving her mother and Charlie was a complete accident. Puppy Charlie has been placed by us at the veterinarian and has never been missing, as reported. We believe Ms. Graves and her daughter loved Charlie, as do all our residents and their families. The daughter was misled by Kerensky and that is when an honest accident has been grossly misrepresented. We understand the gravity of the accident and have duly responded at every step to act as appropriate and to continue to do the right thing for Ms. Graves, her family and Charlie.”

    They have since amended his statement:

    “Village Green Alzheimer’s Care Home is founded on the principles of dignity, respect and freedom of choice. Our care centers around nature, family, pets and music. Our pets are companions for our residents and provide social comfort. This type of community pet is encouraged by elder-care industry groups. Our home is licensed by the State of Texas and the State was aware of the pet’s presence and approved of it. We have always taken great pride in the care and comfort we offer to our residents, and families. As happens too often in litigation, Ms. Grave’s counsel has issued press releases and called a press conference apparently to disseminate false information. For example, the community pet Charlie has been placed by us at the veterinarian and has never been missing, as has been misreported. We have preserved all relevant evidence and even provided a video to Ms. Graves’ family on the day of the accident. We also immediately reported the accident to the State of Texas. We believe Ms. Graves and her daughter loved Charlie, as do all our residents and their families. Several families have reached out to us to share their experience of Charlie as a gentle, loving pet who provided comfort to our residents. We are deeply saddened by this accident at our Tomball Community and our thoughts are with Ms. Graves.”

    Notice how they now start to victim blame by claiming the victim and her family are spreading lies? Notice how in the second statement the word “puppy” is not present? Notice how they double down in vouching for this pit? Notice how they are giving an adult who does not have the ability to consent (due to dementia) the ability to consent to her interactions with the pit? Notice how in both statements they speak for EVERYONE claiming EVERYONE loves Charlie? Notice how in the second statement, they call this an “accident?” No, this is an “incident” and they called it such twice in the first statement. They were required to file in Incident Report as well as reporting to the state’s Department of Health, so no, this is no accident.

  11. Is anyone really surprised? What else are they going to say about the outrageous stupidity of allowing a pit bull to run loose in an old folks home? There really is no good reason for any ‘pet’ animals in a place like this. One of the primary reasons seniors get hurt in falls is tripping over animals.

  12. Re: the fatal Florida attack. The victim being only 60 means that she was either suffering from early-onset dementia or seriously disabled physically and/or mentally.

    Dove’s local obit mentions “special caregivers” Margie and Fleda Brown. Pastor Larry Brown will officiate at her funeral. With the Brown clan handling everything, it seems unlikely there will much investigation. Here’s hoping the authorities at least euthanize the killer dogs, rather than quietly release them back to the Browns.

  13. Not only should these facilities go bankrupt, but the owners should be charged with manslaughter. That’s the only way to stop people from endangering others – make them fully responsible for their dogs’ actions.

  14. My jaw dropped while I was reading that story about poor Norma Graves! It’s the same reaction I have when reading about pit bulls being adopted by older people. Even when not displaying violent tendencies, they’re large(r), active, high-energy dogs. They can bump into, jump on, and knock over even able-bodied people. People who are older and/or have health issues are fragile with skin that tears and bruises easily and bones that are prone to breaking.

    A lot of older people seem to choose small, quiet dogs. Even a small dog could indeed present a tripping hazard, so while I would support one living at a nursing home, it would probably be best to not have free run. Why on earth wouldn’t you get a sweet Shih-Tzu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Papillon, or other small dog or mix with a stable, loving temperament? And an older dog would be great. A former coworker of mine has parents in their 80s who adopted a dog through a “free senior dogs for senior citizens” event. They got an adorable 11-year-old Cocker Spaniel.

    Pit bulls continue to change and degrade the positive human/dog relationships many of us have enjoyed for decades. Their behavior and the propaganda around them is changing what people consider and accept as the norm for dogs. It saddens me greatly.

  15. I once went to pick up my granddaughter from her sitter.
    It was the first time I had ever been there. I don’t think this was a licensed day care, but there were 3 pit bulls in a room with several toddlers. I pitched a fit on my son. He really didn’t understand why I was so upset, but thankfully he did find a new sitter.

    Hopefully that whole nursing home situation will be investigated.
    “Preachers and Pit Bulls” might be a good title for a reality show, but not such a good theme for a nursing home.

  16. I am Beverly Jean’s Aunt and I can tell you that the Brown family is the most caring people I have met. Those dogs DO NOT belong to them. I have been there many times and there was never a pack of dogs. Please check the facts before making judgement.

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