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21 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Multiple Pit Bull-Mixes While Trying to Save Own Dog in Northwest Houston

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        • Houston has declared that it will never have BSL since the 90s when these attacks by specific breeds were ramping up. Texas doesn’t allow state level breed bans but a few cities have declared pit bulls as dangerous, including Magnolia (north of Houston), where 3 pit bulls attacked a woman in June 2022, dragged her into a ditch while she was out walking. The owner was charged with 3rd degree felony, not seeing any update.

          • CC, no further updates on DBO since 2 months ago. I was hoping to hear more about R’s condition. Please let us know when you find further updates about her continuing recovery or about the 3rd degree felony sentencing.

        • Breed bans? Sure.

          But it’s not enough to have them on the books. They need to be enforced. And many of them aren’t.

          • THIS^^^^1000x THIS^^^ from Quiet

            We have BSL. There’s pitbulls all over the place. None of the owners follow the muzzle laws. None. Now we are adopting them out from shelters and pounds *again*. Some are walking around unleashed.

            These laws are useless unless enforced.

            The easiest and cheapest enforcement would be that if a pitbull is seen outside and it is not neutered and wearing a muzzle it is confiscated and euthanized. Same with loose ones.

            Because pitnutters are not going to “get it” until the penalty is extracted from the lives of the dogs they claim to love so much.

            They love them so much that they are breeding them like cockroaches and taking away all the shelter space available for gentle, adoptable dogs while pitbulls run rampant.


            It’s been over a decade in many places and pitbulls just keep proliferating.

  1. A man is dead. If the breed is not behind this death, then why go to such great lengths to cover it up?

    What’s wrong with people nowadays? Sheez!

  2. Well, let’s see……
    What breed has the drive and stamina to kill and redirect from its original target ……..hmmmm 🤔

  3. This is an article out of the UK where they’re experiencing an uptick in dog attacks. As one of our commenters referenced, a 4-year-old perished this past week. Also, a 28-year-old professional dog walker was killed by some of the dogs in her group. (I think we can rule out the 2 Dachshunds in the pack.) So far, authorities are not giving any other breed information. This UK article does what almost no US paper will do.

  4. Teresa, thanks for alerting us to this comprehensive article at The Mirror. It seems there are increases in dangerous dog maulings in South Africa and India as well. A global calling out banning dangerous dogs is in order. Glad the TV news commentator in Australia already called this type of death a “national disgrace.”

    • Yes, it’s a global problem. The UK dog walker case is interesting. This article says, she had to be identified by dental records. Still no mention of the breeds involved. Of course, that says it all. In the UK people can get a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to get around the pitbull ban. In fact, a friend of the deceased woman mentioned she (the victim) had previously owned one.

  5. Sure a small dog killed him what was toy poodles.everyone in the world know toy poodle are the most vicious dangerous dog ever they killed people without either the one breed that kill a pitbull they don’t want mention the breed because the pro pitbull will tear them down.

    • No not toy poodles, ask any pit bull psychopath it’s definitely the 2 pound Chihuahua! I mean some of those dogs even get up to 5 whole pounds and then you can count on the daily death toll going through the roof! And of course there’s no doubt that once you get mauled by a 2 pound Chihuahua you’re going to need extensive plastic surgery for the rest of your life!

  6. It IS the breed! I can’t stand people who say ‘it’s all how the dog is trained’ (or not trained) I also can’t stand people who say ‘chihuahuas and Labs bite more often’ maybe, but those breeds are not regularly killing people.

    • Agreed!
      When bully dog USERS bring up number of bites or “aggression”, they are changing the subject.
      After all,
      human toddlers can bite and be aggressive.

      We’re here because we know that it is insane to permit convicted and admitted dog fighters to continue to breed for unprovoked, neutral ground, suicidal, deadly aggression, and to sell and ship game insane dogs around the country and the world.

  7. I’m curious whether BARC lists all incoming dogs including bite cases as there’s a lost dogs search of impounded dogs yet I’m not seeing several pit bull type dogs on that date, though there are 4 purebred GSD. Maybe bite cases aren’t publicly visible though they should be. My main concern is the dogs being available to rescue, which this shelter will do with bite cases.

    • So, the name of this shelter is BARC. How cute.

      Having battled neighbors over barking for YEARS, let’s just say that a shelter called BARC would not get any of my support. Ever.

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