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22 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Dies After Amputations Due to Violent Dog Attack in Unincorporated Harris County

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  1. The way mickey died was unfathomable.I can’t imagine the pain he felt being bitten by evil pitbull and stop with the pitbull mix labeling .I’m no dog expert but it look like full pitbull to me anyway pitbull terrier American bully American staffordshire terrier are all consider pitbull I’m not really sure.

  2. Condolences to Mr. Vazquez’ family for their loss.

    Relieved to see some honesty in the media about pitbull victims being “eaten alive.” Included on YT as his female relatives discussed his death:
    Watch “Man dies after being mauled by dogs in Huffman” on YouTube

    Even Newsweek gave the story title some honesty:
    Texas Man Dies a Week After Dogs Mauled and Started Eating Him Alive

    • Too bad that. In my opinion a pitbull that has viciously attacked a human and eaten them alive should be immediately euthanized not only for the safety of any shelter personnel but for the safety of the the community as a whole. There shouldn’t be any doubts that a monster like that wouldn’t attack again for no reason – so why give it the possibility to do so.

  3. This was horrible.
    Many if not most pitbulls have white markings. White markings are usually.caused by a pair of recessive white spotting genes. Too many people appear to be labelling solid colored pitbulls and pitbull mixed breed dogs as labs or lab mixes due to the absence of white markings. Does anyone have any feedback on this.

  4. Why do the police and media allow pit bull owners to claim their dogs are any other breed to which the mauler(s) has minimal to now resemblance? Why is this accepted as true? I supposed these dogs are trans labs.

    In my opinion the black and white is a highly imbred pit bull, the brown and white may be pit x GSP and the one with the crazy eyes is mostly pit diluted with who knows what and also may be highly imbred to give it such a weird look.

    • Oh well no according to the new way of the shelters now that brown dog is a chocolate lab, hence the way that labs have all of the sudden gone from family friendly dogs to the 2nd most vicious dogs in the US. With a bite rate higher than the Gremam shop and everything except for the pit bull, which is just fake news as we all know so it means that the Labrador retiver, the dog choosen by service dog organizations around the world, the dog known for the “soft mouth” hence they have been bringing back dead birds with no punctures how exactly have they gone to causing 13% of dog bites, right below the pit bulls? More importantly where are all these dead victims? Is it just that is so prejudice against the poor pattie that they’ve always been refusing (along with the mainstream news) to report all these vicious Labrador retiver attacks? Sorry I just don’t believe these statistics for lab bites are really accurate! I’m not trying to be a crazy pit nutter type of dog owner. In all honesty I own a Labrador retiver who is a service dog. He’s been highly socialized from a very young age and so he probably isn’t as representative as the typical family owned lab, but I’m willing to bet it’s pretty close except for the pandemic years. So if I am correct your typical lab owned by a family with a few children who are in soccer and speaking as an past her prime now soccer mom, the kids and dog get into the mini van to head out to soccer where the puppies are interacting with hundreds of humans and other puppies from there the kids friends come over, and everyone including the dog rum around like wild men and by the time the puppy is 6 months old it’s been so well socialized that it’d be hard to imagine a person that it doesn’t personally know in town, depending upon the size of the town of course. So just speaking from past experience it’s really hard to imagine 13% of the labs in this country living such a seclusion that they didn’t have any or much socialization because honestly I can’t imagine a lab that wasn’t put in the back yard and left there for a few years alone being so timid that it would bite do too fear, fright, or especially vicious tendency! I have a feeling that many of these statistics on the labs newly found tendency to bite is due to the shelters newly found hoodwinked of the public who are being told that the brown pit bull is a chocolate lab, black pit bull, let’s call it a black lab. I bet very few yellow labs are biting people because they don’t have yellow pit bulls!

  5. Without DNA results, It could be tough to prove pitbull bloodlines. And I’m not sure of the accuracy of DNA results as to breed. DNA could certainly verify the actual parents of a dog.

    Years ago my tenants owned a purebred GSD that looked like a wolf hybrid. His sire was a ukc white Champion GSD and his dam was a red sable GSD.
    Looks can be deceiving..

    In addition, one cannot tell inbreeding by looks. The dog’s looks are not altered by inbreeding. The genes come from both parents. Inbreeding does not invent genes. Inbreeding doubles on both good and bad genes.

    I have a gorgeous cat in my house that is out of mother x son breeding. His temperament is also great.

    Wouldn’t it be great if temperament was predictable from inbreeding and outcrossing. It simply is not. No one can correctly identify an inbred dog by its looks. In fact, wildlife in any given area may be highly inbred.

    If people kept their dogs at home, strangers wouldn’t be murdered by dogs. Family dogs would kill only family members.

  6. According to the ukc standard, American pitbull terriers come in all colors and patterns except merle. In other words, all three of the dogs pictured could be pit bull terriers. Color does not matter.

  7. Form follows function in dog breeds. If it looks like a pit bull with a block head, muscular neck and shoulders, gaping maw, and small, wide set eyes it most likely IS a pit bull.

  8. What a horrifying way to die. My utter condolences to Nicolas Vasquez’s loved ones.


    “Despite neighbors saying these dogs had been an ongoing problem, Harris County officials said they had no previous reports on the dogs.”

    Considering the county could get sued if this is proven true that the neighbours complained…preponderance of evidence and all that as to who is lying, here.

    Euth the dogs, charge the owners with negligent homicide and have the neighbours testify and show their video footage, presuming they have some, as everyone and their cat now has surveillance cameras and cell phones.

    People doing decades in prison for owning a bit of cannabis but not for people who buy furry murder machines then stand around stunned when the murder machines do what murder machines were bred to do?

    If it’s the breed, make them extinct. If it’s the owner–jail them as soon as the dog puts a whisker out of place. Pick a lane and stick to it, pitbull lovers.

  9. To illustrate Colleen’s data on Harris County, TX dangerous dogs, here is a Sept 2021 pitbull mauling in Harris County. The narrator, a former sheriff’s deputy, says the victim was unrecognizable. The narrator shot one dog when the pitbulls were relentless in returning to the victim. The other pitbull bit an Animal Control officer.

    Looks like Harris County Animal Control could use a proactive campaign to get citizens to report their bites and report roving packs.

    • Yes everyone needs to report but then expect to be treated badly by whichever agency responds because there is 95 percent chance they are pit lovers. Nothing will be done. Then comes the next issue of now having to not only watch out for the pit bull still in your neighborhood but also the crazy owner who is now out to get you. I have reported and now another crazy pit owner found out about the one I reported and she is being a problem. Luckily way at top of street and I only drive by, never walk

      • Yikes! I’m surprised your identity did not get redacted from your complaint report. I think Animal Control is under the jurisdiction of the county executive. Hoping you stay safe.

  10. I’m so glad the owners were charged with a felony. I hope the penalty is substantial. Maybe some pitbull owners will get the message.t

  11. I hope the Vasquez family gets some measure of justice for their loved one.

    For those who like / used to like to bike, here’s some good safety tips on staying safe while loose dogs run at us. Aaron Smith said the attack compilation is only about 1% of his ride. He takes viewers along on quite a few rides on unpaved county roads at his channel.
    Watch “DOG ATTACK 101 for Cyclists: 3rd Edition w/Aaron Smith/Gainesville, TX/Cooke County, Texas/Amputee” on YouTube

  12. Too bad that. In my opinion a pitbull that has viciously attacked a human and eaten them alive should be immediately euthanized not only for the safety of any shelter personnel but for the safety of the the community as a whole. There shouldn’t be any doubts that a monster like that wouldn’t attack again for no reason – so why give it the possibility to do so.

  13. Let me clarify here:

    If you get mauled to shreds because you looked its direction…it’s a pitbull.

    If you get nibbled because you didn’t throw the tennis ball fast enough…It’s a Labrador

    This has been your public service announcement for today. Please remember to tip your waiter on the way out.

    Thank you.

  14. Careless jerk dog owners need to be made an example of, routinely. He should get 10 years hard time and banned from dog ownership for life.

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