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30 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Mauled to Death by Pack of Pit Bull-Mixes in Fresno Area of Fort Bend County, Texas

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  1. A senior man slaughtered by s.e.v.e.n pitbulls while walking to the store in the afternoon! Infuriating!

    America has lost another piece of The Great Outdoors.

  2. Colleen, Fresno is 20 miles south of Houston, the third largest city area in the USA. Is that close enough to be considered a Houston suburb or at least a part of the Houston area?

    If considered the Houston area, then this is the 4th murder by pitbulls in the Houston area in the last 8 months.

    • It’s only around 5 miles from Harris County, which is Houston. The attack happened on what’s called FM 521 in Ft Bend county, when less than 5 miles north of the attack going up 521 it crosses into Harris county and becomes Almeda. So yes I would consider this a Houston area attack. We are a huge sprawling city with a dog overpopulation issue, especially pit bull mixes.

      • Concerned, thanks for responding to my query. How unfortunate that the Houston area sounds like it’s more dog friendly than people friendly.

        • To be specific, more like its pit-bull friendly. Pitbulls kill thousands of other dogs each year, so its not dog friendly, to be pit-bull friendly.

  3. Does anyone really think that, in rural Texas, these dogs will be captured by authorities? I sure don’t.

    If anyone sees these dogs running loose, well, let’s just say that it’s open season. And Texans are not shy about using their firearms.

    • How horrible. What could a person do when attacked by seven pitbulls. I hope authorities find the owner of the dogs.

      • I thought the same thing. What a horrible & painful way to die, being ripped to shreds by 7 portable meat grinders. I hope this family gets the justice they deserve, and may this poor man rest in peace.

    • It’s not rural, it’s unincorporated land in the middle of planned HOA neighborhoods on all sides. That’s just how the Houston area is. Look at the address on satellite. I live in this area. The Ft Bend animal control covers a mind bending amount of land, Google map Rosenberg where the Ft Bend shelter is and then where Fresno is and you’ll see the issue with animal control there.

    • I’m from this area. You’ll get in more trouble shooting a dog in the act of attacking your livestock/pet/human out here than one would expect. Despite the neighbors on constantly threatening to shoot any solicitor, no one wants to unload into a dog. I’m okay with that as it’s not rural, I don’t want my neighbor accidentally shooting anyone.

      • Concerned Citizen, thank you so much for your calm and matter-of-fact explanation of the lay out there for people. It is beautiful.

      • You’ll like what the DA said in the clip. “If you own a vicious dog and don’t contain it, you will be held responsible”. Hoping he sticks by that, and as a livestock owner, you have to consider all loose dogs vicious no matter how the owners cry “But they were just playing”.

  4. I’m gonna start calling this, “The Summer of Slaughter”.

    Anybody over 60 or under 12 seems to be at particular risk.

    Attacked and killed by seven loose dogs after surviving Lawd knows what for 71 whole years. Seven dogs. Seven. I can’t even wrap my brain around that.

  5. Here we go again with the same stories of pitbull killing innocent people or should I worded like the media ” pitbull mixes dogs” .day after day when you hear a fatal dog attack its mostly pitbulls.if pitbull are good dogs then how come they aren’t therapy dog service dogs why are they ban and most countries and cities I know they’re evil bad dogs.

    • I’m going to venture out on a limb and say that, maybe just maybe, the dog was in the bed for reasons that are generally not discussed in polite company.

  6. I live four miles from the attack site and have accidentally turned down the u shaped street trying to find an address where my daughter was working (as a dog training assistant). It was at night and I had dogs similar to the pit mixes shown come out from the buildings to run in front of my van as I avoided potholes in the pitch black It’s a decent street, I wouldn’t mind owning property there though I’m also an advocate for SSS.
    Use the Google map street level then satellite function and you’ll see that this is just an unincorporated area of houses, a landfill and park areas, it’s not typical rural as it’s surrounded by Houston suburban sprawl HOA neighborhoods.
    Godspeed to this poor man, I hope his family can find justice and peace.

    • I also live in an unincorporated area of east county San Diego area. The part I live in is exceedingly rural, but the beginning of this unincorporated area starts at the outskirts of a very busy/highly populated area.

  7. Can someone tell me why after this type of attack happens the police don’t bring out a scent hound to follow the scent back to the pits’ homes?

  8. The large number of recent Texas pitbull brutalities and fatalities led me to uncharacteristically NOT say “Aw!” when I saw photos today of a Texas dog w dozens of porcupine quills around its maw. The article called this accident “excruciatingly painful” for the pitbull. I had no sympathy whatsoever as I thought of Kyleen, this man Freddy Garcia, Rebecca Hatcher and others who have recently endured unspeakable pain from pitbull attacks.
    In fact, my initial reaction was I laughed. Good to see pitbulls getting a small bit of their own medicine.

    • I commented on a porcupine owner’s page (they explained that porcupines do not shoot their quills). I told her I was glad she made the video. I get tired of dog owners (many times pit owners) posting videos of their dog with a mouth full of quills with a caption like “I was walking my heckin’ good puperino Maximum Hurter when out of nowhere a porcupine attacked him! Before I could do anything the no good beast shot his mouth full of quills. I shot it on the spot so no one else’s dogo has to suffer.”

      What really happened it is your unrestrained, out of control dog tried to murder the porcupine becase it moved and was smaller than your dog. If you dog had seen a cat, small dog or toddler it would have attacked it instead of the porcupine.

      Pits are the only dogs that I have seen attack porcupines multiple times. Their owners will make videos each time. “3rd time this year poor Brutus has had to go to the vet to get quills removed. He does a great job defending his turf.”

      • Thanks for this research and insight. The pitbulls do look funny w an old-timey beard of quills but my priority is the pain of innocents (non pitbull owners). I remember what a protective dog trainer recently said about pitbulls. Dumb dogs. Slow to learn. Much better to get a GSD, golden retriever, lab because they learn commands and follow through much better than pitbulls.

  9. I was at the gas station in the middle of a busy town yesterday. A man rode up with a collarless pit bull mix standing on his truck tool box. Another smaller collarless dog appeared and ran around. After a bit, the man drove away with both dogs chasing his truck and barking. I have no idea what was going on, but I do know that any of us standing at the pumps could easily have been attacked in a scenario like that. This is the fourth time recently that I have seen loose pit bulls aggressively chasing cars.

    If these were wild animals like coyotes, they would be tracked, trapped, and relocated or destroyed. Since pit types are domesticated + more dangerous than coyotes, they get a free pass.

    • Literally every time I see a person “walking” their dog without a leash , it is a pit bull type. I’ve seen them doing it in residential neighborhoods and beside busy multi-lane roads. The irresponsibility is breathtaking.

      • it is always pitbulls. Always. I went into a small business a couple of days ago, and as soon as I walk through the door, this unleased pitbull immediately starts barking and runs to jump/attack/only God knows what to me. I had no time to react. Fortunately, the owner immediately called the pitbull who returned to him, and then the owner without saying a word took his pitbull and left the store. I’ve seriously considered not going back to that store, but its not just that store. I’ve seen unleased pitbulls in other stores, people don’t even try to pretend their support dogs anymore, they just know that employees are too intimated to say anything, so they just do what they want. My spouse says I should get a conceal carry license….but that wouldn’t have helped in the scenario that happened to me, because I had no time whatsoever to react.

        • Winners and Marshalls allow “pets” in downtown Toronto. I’ve seen people with pitbulls. One store I made a complaint to the manager, but she defended allowing dogs into the store. There’s old people and kids in strollers, easy pickings for a pitbull.

    • You are soooo right about the coyote statement. I always say if these were wild cats and bears slaughtering people, the authorities wouldn’t think twice about tracking the animal down and killing it. But these murderous devil-hounds called Pitbulls always get a free pass. It should be “One bite and your dog is taking a dirt nap.”

  10. Ex-Libertarian, you have seen UNLEASHED pitbulls in stores? Recently I was furious to see a leashed pitbull in my favorite grocery store. Are you in a city? Do you feel safe enough to share where in general you live?

    This is the first time I have read about unleashed pitbulls in a store.

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