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19 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Year Old Boy Killed, Relative Injured in Violent Dog Attack in Baytown, Texas

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  1. 5 pits because 1 is just not enough. Was this a breeding operation? Seems like the only explanation for this many pits in a trailer. You have to wonder if the call came in prior to the child being attacked. You have to wonder how long it took EMS to respond because the original call was for a dog fight (only).

    In other news in TX, Jackeline Durand has come home. This photo is very hard to look at.

    • I saw this picture, too. It’s absolutely heartrending. Jacqueline looks just like the woman who had her face ripped off by a chimp several years ago. This young girl is surrounded by 14 men, a few are trying to smile, some not. It’s a portrait of unimaginable pain and suffering for the rest of her life. Her father said that she remembers it all. And, yet, the monsters who did this are still alive. Their psychotic owners deny any wrongdoing. I hope they’re sued into the ground and these demon dogs are destroyed ASAP.

  2. I’m going to take a wild guess.the dog in question is I don’t know are pitbull .those people are always saying its not the breed it how you raise can raise a pitbull for 12 years with love and care it still going to attack.every time there’s a fatal dog attack it mainly the pitbull causing the most death.

    • One article has more information and says that after talking to neighbors, they dogs were identified as pit bulls Of course. 3 fatalities in one week, that poor little boy in OK facing so many surgeries from his atack on Sunday. If there were this many shark attacks,national media would be reporting nothing else. Morning talk shows would be interviewing everyone with anything to say. But when it is a dog attack, especially a pit bull, a few local reports and then done.

      • Want to know the reason why? It’s spelled D-O-G-S.

        Dog worship is widespread in this society. That’s why there are no consequences in cases like this one.

      • So true. A man swimming in Australian waters known for great white sharks was killed last week. Guess what…big lesson: If you swim with sharks you might die! It was all over the internet. All over the news. Not death by pit bull. Oh, no, they don’t want to upset the thousands of viewers who might have one or two “land sharks” in the house. There’s seems to be an increase of deaths and mauling(s) in the last few weeks. A recent attack near Seattle made the news, but not much follow-up. Just a 38 year-old woman out for a run now in critical condition. End of story.

  3. Another child ripped apart. Yet on Facebook, shelters and pitbull owners are going to continue to advocate the pitbull’s cuddlebug capacity and post pictures of them wearing things like bunny ears and baseball caps. In reality, a picture of a pitbull covered in blood on the end of a catchpole would be a more appropriate portrayal. And underneath, a caption such as this, which was spoken by the neighbor of this little boy:”They let you come up to them and pet them, which is why I was so confused whenever I saw that dog specifically was being aggressive . . . .” That is the problem with pitbulls. They can be friendly. Until they are NOT.

    • That is so true. My daughter was bit by the one that had lived it’s whole life with a boy a few months younger than her. She had been around the dog at least a dozen times if not more. We had our boston terriers at the time and our big dog so she was use to being around animals even though young. Dog didn’t even growl when it attacked,was walking by, the suddenly lunged. Luckily her dad and the owner were right there and owner got the dog into the pool while dad ran her inside and shut the sliding glass door

    • ” That is the problem with pitbulls. They can be friendly. Until they are NOT.”

      Exactly what I was thinking while watching one of those “100+ Rescue” videos of Gladys the Killer pit, pacing back and forth around the side of the house and repeatedly approaching that baby-talking nincompoop.

      I’ll bet she doesn’t realize just how lucky she is that Gladys didn’t come around the corner of the house after having that “BITE” switch triggered by some inner genetic stimuli.

      “Come Here, Precious Baby Gurrl. Give me kisses….”

      So close to the Kiss Of Death.

      • Oh yeah, the baby talk. The pibble french kissing. Claims that a dog is trained because they’re waving a treat bag in an empty room while yelling “sit” 46x before the dog responds. Claims that a dog is friendly because it leaps around like a kangaroo knocking over everyone in it’s path while wagging.

        The pet industry has had a mighty financial hand in this nuttery we’re seeing. That includes those that sell pet products as well as the billions raked in globally for “pet rescue”. That includes the MSM who are complicit because major pet advertisers are buying up airtime and print space.

        Sensible dog trainers get drummed out of the business while YouTube spokesmodels who claim to be dog experts get dragged down the street while claiming they’re teaching “heel” rake in cash from pet products.

        We’re the lone voices crying out in the wilderness, my friends.

        I love dogs. I don’t love what they’ve been turned into for profit.

  4. It feels like it is mauling season. So many attacks and deaths have happened lately. This poor little boy. When will this madness end?! When will enough be enough? How many more innocent people must die before these mutants are banned?

  5. Christy, many thanks for the link on Jacqueline Durand. I’m not on social media so any news about her is welcome. I wrote her attorney, the Durands and atty Kenneth Phillips.
    When it takes 7 surgeries to replace a nose, I think another’s comment she may have 50-100 surgeries is most likely, probably at the higher end.
    Re eye issues, 7-yr-old Conner Landers needed surgery to correct a tear duct among other injuries. So another PB victim with eye injuries. It sounds like most PB attacks include eye injuries as well. One can hardly imagine a future of sight being limited to those w so many other horrific injuries.

  6. The bite scars and the skin grafts are really graphic, more so to those that don’t/won’t believe the damage that dogs, especially certain breeds of dog can possibly inflict! The pictures of the injuries BEFORE the poor girl is stitched up, put back together by surgeons should be posted on every news site, so people are aware! So many folks just don’t believe this stuff happens.. ignorance is bliss, it seems

  7. So many risk factors on this one! Newness to the home (the child), pits, multiple dogs, probably not spayed/neutered. No one should be allowed to have FIVE DOGS in a home much less five pits. THIS is why.

    “She didn’t know what to do”. Against five pits unless to own a semi-automatic there is nothing you can do. What she should have done was kept a vulnerable child away from a pack of bred to kill dogs.

    • 5 dogs in a home can be done safely and enjoyably for everyone, show dog breeders do it all the time with stable breeds without using crate/rotate hyper management. Most fatal attacks are single dog, showing your statement is incorrect if it’s regarding safety. 5 correct temperamented Goldens or collies or Chihuahuas or pointers or spaniels or Frenchies or poodles aren’t going to be dangerous. Breed matters.

  8. What an adorable little guy!
    What puzzles me is how the boy’s mom did not know there were 4-5 pitbulls at his aunt’s home. The aunt’s husband owned the pitbulls. It didn’t sound like a recent occurrence given that the pitbulls had puppies there. A PACK of pitbulls is always more dangerous, as Colleen has proved in her statistics about the mob excitability of a pack.

  9. Parents, please do not leave your children in the care of someone who owns these dogs. They are dangerous, use your head

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