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8 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Avondale Man Mauled to Death by Pit Bull-Type Dog

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  1. The media's dog breed obfuscation game continues. And another American lies dead.

  2. The Ohio law to deregulate pit bulls and pit mixes (HB 14)was passed in late February. In the
    4 1/2 months since passage of this bill two Ohio residents have been killed by pit bulls. Thank you Barbara Sears, thank you Ledy Vankavage. I hope Miami is watching.

  3. Wow. Two in 4.5 months. I hope Barbara Sears feels proud. Of course you know Ledy is.

  4. In the 24 years of pit bull regulation in Ohio there were just four pit bull mauling deaths.

    To be precise, there was also a pack mauling death involving 30 dogs of many breeds, some of them were pits, but this does not realy fit the criteria. I don't count this one. There was also a murder, the pit bull was the murder weapon, again, does not fit the criteria and I don't count it. Having said that, has there ever been a murder by Beagle? I digress…

    Twenty four years with 4 pit bull mauling deaths v. 4 1/2 months without pit bull regulation and two pit bull mauling deaths. Ohio will catch up quickly. There is not enough soap in the Statehouse bathrooms to wash the blood off Representative Sears hands. This foolish legislator allowed herself to be used by special interests and Ohio residents are paying for it.

  5. Entirely predictable outcome of throwing the Pit community a bone and allowing them to regulate themselves.

    Calfornia and Texas have had over 60 residents killed by Pit Bull since they went BSL pre-emptive…A public safety disaster.

  6. I don't know whether everyone here will remember, but some ten years ago one of the nutter chants was 'The pit bull isn't a breed of dog, it's a type of dog.' They were correct. It's a biological and genetic type, never mind what names people or organizations invent for the many mixes, derivatives and variations within the type.

    Then the pit-nutcases figured out that this truth wasn't making it impossible to ban the pit bull, rather it was — correctly — leading to banning various 'breeds' that were of the type (alas not all of them though).

    So they started this naming game. Call it a American Stafford, an American Bulldog, a Presa Canario, Dogo Argentino, now Alapaha, next Chickadoodoo, blah-blah whatever.

    Another word game: For awhile, the aggressive breeds fans referred to the 'bully' breeds. Then they realized that indeed, anything with 'bull' in the name is part of this inherently dangerous biological and genetic class of undogs (including for example the bull mastiff), because 'bull' is acknowledgement that the (pit)bulldog genes were mixed in to get the desired body mass and the desired aggression.

    Now the truly Pure and Holy pit fans get mad at their own who speak of 'bully' breeds.

    So the tactic now seems to be to bully everyone into saying nothing that would imply there is a biological and genetic class of inherently dangerous undogs. I suppose the nutters hope legislators will have to ban each 'breed' they think up (on paper) separately, and will have to prove each and every time that it's (pit)bulldog type / mix / derivative or otherwise inherently dangerous (eg, tosa inu).

    I wish our lawmakers would catch on that they don't need to prove anything to a psychologically handicapped minority among us in order to legislate for public safety and health. I wish they'd catch on that this would also be extremely good for dogs in general, including for the type that ends up dying out.

    Meanwhile, what a farce that some pit-freako woman brings up the dialysis insert. Like as if any normal, real dog would've torn the thing out of the man's arm (apparently taking a piece of arm with it), then held medical staff at bay like this.

    I hope Barbara Sears has adopted a poor, poor pit bull from her local shelter. That'll be at least one more pit bull that, when it berserks, will do so on someone who believes any and every pit bull life is worth risking humans ones. You know, do it with your own life, not with ours…

  7. In the 80's when the Pit DBRF's started escalating, these dogs were called the American Pit Bulldog. The NKC, shrewdly rebranded to the American Bulldog as a smokescreen.

    Rebranding and creating aliases has been an effective tactic for the dogfighters and bullbaiters. It covers up the trail of scalps, limbs and lives while preserving the flow of blood money.

  8. Great post Sputnik!

    I really like your last idea. Maybe we can send every single legislator a rescued pit bull as a gift…

    The only problem is the pit would probably kill a neighbor kid and not the legislator.

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