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15 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Hockley County Man Found Dead in his Driveway was Killed by Pit Bull-Type Dogs

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  1. It sounds like Mr. Woods was getting ready to go to work or returning home. Or he was out for an early morning walk, given the current heat wave in Texas near 100 degrees.

    Found in his driveway, he may have been attacked within only minutes after going outdoors or getting out of his car

    Once more, it appears a pack of marauding loose dogs has claimed another victim.

    Condolences to Mr. Woods’ family.

  2. Pit bulls should not be permitted as pet animals any more so than tigers or bears. Far too often they ‘somehow get out’ and it ends up with a seek and destroy mission on an innocent person.

    • It seems that pitbulls are actually more dangerous than tigers are bears.

      I think the comparison of bully dogs to rabid animals is more accurate.

      Both rabid animals and bully dogs attack: without first trying to avoid conflict, unprovoked, on neutral ground are will travel to attack victims. They attack prolonged not stopping if the victim submits or “plays dead”, not stopping even if suffering severe personal injury,. Pit bulls are capable of severely injuring or even killing otherwise healthy dogs, humans, cattle, horses.

      No one who is educated or compassionate would want more bully dogs or more rabid animals to be created

      • I couldn’t agree with you more! A wild animal will never attack a person without some type of provocation for the most part they’re very afraid of humans and avoid us when they can! They certainly do not simply see a person and attack. Also most bear attacks are due to brown bears with cubs & are easier to stop with bear spray. Seeing how pit bulls continue to attack even after they have been shot I’m doubtful that they would be easily deterred with bear spray. I can’t address tigers habits as I was raised in grizzly bear county. No tigers near Glacier National Park but as for the black bears they have never attacked or killed a human even when they had cubs. I can personally attest to the fact that bear spray stops most every grizzly attack. I think we should really consider doing field test of bear spray on the pit bulls roaming our neighborhoods because as the pit bull pimps convince more people of their ability to be safely owned it seems more people who would have never dreamed of owning them do now resulting in an increasing body count!

    • Makes you wonder if it’s the same 3 dogs that killed 1 and attacked another in Lubbock on September 27th 2022?????? The attack happened in Lubbock right off train tracks that lead through Anton!!!!

  3. wild city coyotes will not murder humans, but a loose or pack of, PET pitbulls running at large, will, have,can,and do, murder humans, it is safe to live amongst wild city coyotes,but not running at large,or get loose from the owner pet pitbulls, this is a FACT, not my opinion. this breed of dog is a weapon, let the dog take the rap, do the attack, and the owner gets away with murder,pitbulls are dangerous

  4. Cut it out with the pit bull type.why don’t come out and its a pitbull .sheesh this is like the fifth fatal dog attack that involved a pitbull .

    • Perhaps they could update their definition and call them pit bull adjacent. Or is that hate speech? (Sarcasm off.)

  5. Ah yes the American Bully, American Bullie, & the American Bulldog. “it’s not a pit bull, it is an entirely different breed!”

    It can’t be a pit bull becase it is a really big pit bull.

    That’s some reasoning, even for nutters.

    • Merritt Clifton, with whom I disagree about much, ad a good point about American Bullies vs Pit bulls.

      “The relationship between an “American pit bull terrier” and an “American XL Bully” is essentially the difference between a Ford Ranger and a Ford F-350: though the latter vehicle is much bigger, both are Fords, both are pickup trucks, and both are built to do the same thing.

      Like the definition of “pickup truck,” the historical, traditional, and practical definition of “pit bull” is based on functional attributes, not make or model.

      Just as many automobile manufacturers produce a line of pickup trucks, each with a different brand name, many pit bull breeders have produced pit bull lines, under various names, usually meant to disguise that a pit bull is ancestrally a pit bull. “

      • Dr. Duke, I sometimes quote Merritt Clifton due to finding that quote at attorney Kenneth Phillips website.

        Would you be willing to give me some clues in short on what you disagree w him. This is a difficult time to spend at the Clifton website. Thank you.

      • You can have a 5lb poodle, a 10 lb poodle, a 30lb poodle or a 50lb poodle.

        And they’re all arfing poodles.

        This splitting-hair nonsense on pitbulls needs to end. Size is irrelevant.

        What the dog is bred to do instinctively, is relevant.

  6. I his cousin at same age and 5.5 miles away, this has got to be a cover up, these meth heads have a way of doing that. He had about 10 other people living in his home and I wonder why no one heard a damn thing. Yes a dog will eat dead flesh, and 3 can take a man down, but there has to be more to this story, 6 months ago there where 2 other deaths within this group of “friends”. All declared accidental, something fishy here.

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