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14 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: 46-Year Old Man Dragged Up and Down Sidewalk, Killed by Pit Bull in Big Spring, Texas

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  1. This is the type of news event that I feel so extremely depressed about. Walk on the public street, and suddenly, a fate worse than death; or mercifully, death in four minutes and martyrdom to Heaven, by a society that enables this unreasonable risk of grave threat. I blame federal, state and local government for forcing this excruciating painful martyrdom upon the elderly, the newborn and everyone else. Our society is spiritually bankrupt. All of our layers of government are spiritually bankrupt. People who force dangerous breed canines onto us are considered normal by our criminally insane society. It does not matter if the owner of the canine is a state senator. It does not matter if the owner of the canine lives in an upscale house in an upscale neighborhood and is a productive member of society. It does not matter if the owner of the canine is a narcotics trade worker that lives in an underground economy neighborhood. Bottom line: The owner of the dog harbored a dangerous breed canine, because people who choose to own dangerous canines do so because they are devoid of love for self and neighbor.

    • So true. I tried really hard to get my municipal officials to do something years ago after my dog was attacked. “Let’s not pick on the pit bulls, cats bite too!” A year later two pits invaded a mans home and chewed his arms so badly amputation was considered. The spca is no better, our local director said, “those were not killer dogs, they licked me so hard my glasses fell off. Our provincial government actually registers pit rescues as certified charities, I read some bios on the dogs-not good with small children, no other pets in home, no cats, dog reactive, so we are importing killer dogs from the US, and legitimizing this nonsense by granting them non profit status, I think they also get gaming money. Oh, and I just had two pits try to kill my dog, of course the owners phoned the rcmp on me because I threatened to kill their dogs. Now I am forbidden to contact them for vet bills. Something is deeply wrong with our society.

      • The thing that’s wrong can be summed up in two words:

        Dog Worship.

        It’s out of control and it’s at the root of all the problems this website covers in great detail.

      • “The spca is no better, our local director said, “those were not killer dogs, they licked me so hard my glasses fell off.”

        That director has zero understanding of dog behaviour. I’d like to know how he got his job.

        A dog pinning someone down and licking them isn’t “affection”–it’s what dogs do to those they view as their inferiors.

        Anyone who has lived with more than one dog would already know this. It’s a common, observable dog behaviour.

        Note we are not importing hounds and beagles from the USA in western Canada.

        Just pitbulls.

        Can you ask a lawyer to send a letter, Cathy? Is there a legal clinic where you are?

  2. It takes some real talent to attract four police visits in three weeks. Here’s hoping that the dog owner was arrested and is being held without bond.

  3. I can’t imagine not only being mauled, but being dragged back and forth by a beast while clinging to life. Pit bulls are just like any other breed, says nutters. Never heard of any other type of dog, dragging a person’s body around the ground. I hope that owner is jailed.

  4. A man is murdered by a homeless man’s dog. The homeless man lives in an abandoned building. He probably has no money. His dog’s disgusting behavior will be repeated by a puppy that has a very irresponsible owner. The killer will be killed as all but Dexter have been.

    The owner doesn’t know how to confine his monster. Put him in prison. Otherwise, he will collect a bunch more pit bulls to turn loose on the public.

    Farmers routinely securely confine dangerous farm animals.
    If farmers can keep one ton animals from mauling and killing, why cannot people control man-killing dogs that mostly weigh under 100 pounds. The reason is simple. They don’t want to.

    Did the dogs’ owner get them to protect drug dealers? Does he manufacture drugs in an abandoned building so his home cannot be claimed by the USA government? I’m sick of all of this. Imprison the owner and throw the key away. PTS both dogs, as the puppy isn’t likely to become a gentle, trustworthy pet. Besides, he likely originates from killer bloodlines. Prohibit their owner from ever owning any dog the rest of his life.

  5. I used to live in an area where two of the homes on my block had long-term, chronic squatters. People who have been living in the houses for over 5 years! Of course, both houses had 1-2 pit bulls living in them. I always find it perplexing that people who can’t afford to pay any rent can somehow feed 1-2 large pits. This unfortunate case will be an example of trying to get blood from a stone. We can only hope that the bum who owned the pits and nothing else in his life is held accountable in some way. I think about the two similar properties that were in my old neighborhood and if there would be anyone to sue if the occupant’s dogs attacked. The bank that holds the foreclosed property? The estate of the long-deceased prior homeowner?

    In the past year or so in my neighborhood a family was attacked by their neighbor’s pit bull. The husband blogged on about it. The pit latched onto his wife’s leg and dragged her more than one car length down the street. She suffered several nasty maul bites and significant road rash. I agree with Derek, there is no other breed of dog that does this.

  6. And explain to me again how you have to have proof that a attack was imminent when you kill an aggressively approaching Pitbull ….. !??

    What a sick society we live in…

  7. That’s three fatalities since last week’s article on European statistics, article.

    I don’t even know where to start.

    If it was dangerous headache medicine the brand would be recalled and outlawed by now.

  8. I’ve been seeing a physical therapist for physical therapy who is a young married Pakistani woman who was raised in Pakistan. She, like many Pakistani women, is absolutely terrified by dogs. That means all breeds and all sizes of dogs. She, like many others, is so terrified of dogs that she could easily run in front of a loaded semi on the highway and have absolutely no thought that the semi could kill her baby and herself. Their fear is a phobia.

    Why does she react that way?
    Pakistan has many hungry packs of dogs running the streets which are quite dangerous to pedestrians. In addition, Pakistan does not have a good rabies prevention program. Would one rather die of rabies, be killed and eaten by a hungry pack of dogs, or hope one can flee to safety?

    The question she asked me today was if it was true that the only issue with pit bulls was how they were raised. Wow! A woman who would be concerned about a nice, friendly, vaccinated toy poodle killing her thought a pit bull would be a trustworthy pet as long as it had been raised right. I doubt if any pit bulls in shelters were raised correctly so I don’t see how any would make good pets. I also think her phobia of dogs is so great she would run from a pit bull and be killed in the road. Typically, these woman are terrified by newborn puppies with no teeth and closed eyes and ear canals. I have not spoken to Pakistani men about this except for one man who was raised in the USA. He was fine.

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