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11 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 45, Mauled to Death by Own Dog in Newberry, South Carolina

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  1. Another win. Thank goodness the pit bull owner got the pit bull mauling and not an innocent person who has nothing to do with said pit bull owner’s poor choices.

  2. These stories remind me to not be complacent around pitbulls. Another new pitbull in my neighborhood, at least 4 or 5 (including a neighbor who never walks theirs.) If I see one of the ones who do walk their pitbulls going by my house, when I’m outside, I get nervous but often don’t want to retreat to my house and appear rude. But I know I should, pitbulls are to unpredictable and just because it appears the neighbor has the dog leased and under control is meaningless

    • I was at a dog friendly event with my two dogs. There were two dogs about 12 feet away, the one never left lap, other wagged it’t tail,walked a bit towards us on leash, called back, and that was it. Husband goes in for beer. Suddenly I hear this horrible howling, yelping. A man with SURPRISE , a pit bull is behind the flowers at a table and the dog is going insane. I don’t believe the pit saw my two under the table, but spotted the other dog. Then the guy with pit starts moving towards us I didn’t care, I picked up my two dogs and left my table and purse since I couldn’t hold it and the two dogs. I walked away and towards the main patio I was going to shove them into the decorative phone booth He wanted to let his out of control dog meet the other couples dogs @@ . They must of refused because he pulled his dog away with difficulty and left. I was glad because I was not going to stay if he did. Then today a loose pit mix from way up the street was just in our yard. Just completely uncontrollable crap dogs and the owners have no respect.

      • I’m glad you and your dogs are okay Victoria. Wow, what a selfish way to ruin everyone else’s good time. It’s like bringing a tiger to a daycare.

      • I have seen this behavior so many times with pits. They’re restricted from going near another dog and they just go berserk. I even saw one at a local “dog friendly” store crap all over the floor when its owner held it back from rushing another dog. It reminds me of a quote I once read from a dogfighter who said that his top fighter would “scream” at the other dog from the opposite side of the fighting pit until it was released to fight.

  3. Re the Wind River Reservation mauling, Darrell Lonebear is a longtime rez security officer trying to get a dangerous dog enforcement law passed. Perhaps those interested could contact Mr. Lonebear to express our interest in safe tourism at the Green River Rendezvous, an event started nearly 200 years ago. I wanted to go to the event for years where native Americans, mountain men and fur trappers celebrated annually near Pinedale, WY, on the Wind River Reservation. Surely Arapaho and Shoshone tribes would want to get a handle on the loose dogs situation so the Rendezvous can continue safely in July and the years ahead.

  4. It is so unfortunate that the sheriff says “not sure what prompted the attack”. Being a pit bull is a prompt. Then the vet speaks with some authority about diseases that can cause behavior change. Pits don’t need a disease….they were bred to tear flesh. And there has not been enough time to breed this out of that breed. All distractions from what the public needs to know to stay safe.

    • I know, that drives me crazy. Everytime a pitbull kills someone they say the same thing, like it takes any particular thing for a pitbull to attack. Pitbulls were bred to fight, it’s in their blood, just a beagle is bred to hunt or a retriever to retrieve.

    • Pits are a disease.
      They are bred to destroy their own kind for no reason.
      They have no problem killing their “master” for no reason.

  5. I follow postings on this site ever since Kyleen Waltman was mauled last month here in South Carolina. Thank you for the comprehensive amount of information on here.

    And folks, if you are not licensed to carry a firearm, I hope you will become so.

  6. This is always maddening to listen to some vet talk about a neurological disorder or disease that must have “caused” the nanny dog to kill its owner. Then there’s, IF you notice your dog’s behavior change get it to the vet. Unfortunately, that behavior happens as the dog is ripping the person’s throat out. Pits are unique in that they give little to no warning they’re about to snap. And, lastly, I’m so tired of hearing the dog was never aggressive before the killing. Well, Ted Bundy had no history of violence before he murdered his first victim either.

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