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13 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bulls Suspected After Woman Found Dead in Mission, Texas

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  1. Thank goodness they kept it in the family. Pitbull family pet people reap what they sow. This extended family was well aware of the dangers of their pets. I consider this a win since no one outside of the family was attacked.

  2. Me too imo this is 1 of the best outcomes possible once a person decides to own a pitbull-its Lucky for the rest of us when they atleast keep it in their families and its even better when the victim is an adult rather that a child
    Play dumb games, win dumb prizes

  3. Here we go again with a pitbull killing someone lucky the pitbull killed the lady in not the baby.I know it harsh to say but I’m not going to waste my tears on someone who decide to own a vicious pitbull for a family pet instead of owing basset hound for a family pet.

  4. That little 10 year old child is an innocent victim. What a horrifying and life changing experience for her, to find her grandmother bloody and mutilated.

  5. It wasn’t the owner who died, it was a family member of the owner. Wonder if the actual dog owner had the victim’s life insured.

  6. Dear Doggess, I go off for a week and three mauling deaths occur.

    Utter madness. Pitbull-induced trauma inflicted on victims, families, neighbours–all the people who cared about the victim, even if the victim was deluded enough to own one.

    It’s like some kind of death cult.

    • And you still have people defending them with the same old, well all large dogs can kill people and they refuse to acknowledge when asked then why is it almost always a pit bull. Oh , well the dog was said to have this in it also, YES, but it had pit just like they almost always do, so seems the common factor it had pit bull in it. I know it isn’t always the case where a family member approves of the pit bull but a family member owns it and they still want to see family so they risk it. If the truth was getting out more about the dangers, more would stand their ground. But right now saying you don’t want their pit bull near you gets you attacked by the owners and anyone else around.

    • Like The Process Church of the Final Judgment, that death cult?

      They have since rebranded as Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. The name may have changed but they still worship death and commit themselves to doing the devil’s work IMHO. Like the devil when they lie they speak their native language.

  7. Idiopathic rage syndrome is the reason pit bulls attack without warning. That’s also why the viciousness may not have been seen before in a particular pit bull. The pit bulls jaw strength is tremendous.

    Years ago the English Springer showed the same problem with aggression. Because they lack the jaw power, no one died.

    At a dog show a springer tried to bite the judge. The dog’s handler successfully protected the judge and exited the show hall with the Springer hanging from his forearm. Undoubtedly that dog was euthanized. The Springer owners euthanized affected dogs and eliminated rage dogs and related dogs from breeding. I wish it was possible in pit bulls. Most pit bulls in the USA don’t have known registration papers so eliminating rage pit bulls and their relatives from breeding. Is not possible.

    • It seems to me that bully dogs are man-made mutants. They are supposed to have mental birth defects that cause them to mature to want to kill each other.

      Those who don’t mature to be game insane are worthless embarrassments to their sadistic breeders. They are curs, usually culled, to make chain space for other more demented dogs

      Those bully dogs who didn’t mature to have the game/insane drive to hunt for and kill dogs/their own kind/ family were not used for breeding more bully dogs as a rule.

      Dog men never say it’s how they’re socialized or raised.

      They describe their dogs by bloodlines and weights because that’s what matters.

      There are different qualities that make for a “good” dog killer dog.

      Mouth: biting crushing and killing strength.

      Drive: man made birth defect to WANT to attack and kill dogs.

      Gameness: the pathological drive to continue attacking for no reason, even when severely injured or dying.

      Normal animals generally have self-preservation instincts. Instinct is to avoid unnecessary danger, avoid injury and death. Good bully dogs do not have this natural quality.

      The drive to continue attacking, even if the victim dog is a submitting, opposite sex, puppy.

      Kick an attacking collie Shepherd mix, it yelps and retreats. No need to shoot dogs before gripper dogs infested our communities and polluted the dog gene pool.

      Good pit bulls truly don’t care if they’re dying. No talk of nanny dogs from the dog fighters, instead “kill or die trying” is their motto.

      Wind: the ability to continue breathing, stamina, even when exhausted, when fighting for hours.

  8. Yet here we are in June of 2022 and apparently nothing has changed in regards to Pit Bulls. My local “Humane Society” just had an article published in the local news of how they have just so many dogs that need adopting. Well, went over to their website to see what dogs are available and not to my surprise the majority of the dogs are Pit Bulls or some kind of Pit Bull mix.

    They are listed as:

    Pit Bull (someone at least is honest on the posts)
    Pit Bull Terrier
    Bull Terrier
    American Bulldog Bull Terrier mix
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier and English Bulldog mix
    Etc . . .

    (I raised my eyebrow at the Pit Bull/Dalmatian mix. Kid you not an actual Pit Dalmatian mix. But they only listed it as a “Dalmatian mix” and left out the important part. The other part of the mix. But it’s clearly obvious what the “mix” actually was from its posted photo.)

    And all the warning signs are in the descriptions of each animal:

    “I need to be the only animal in the household”
    “I need to meet all children and dogs in the home to make sure it’s a perfect match”
    “I need a home where any children are at least in their teens.”
    “I need a home with no kids under 12.”
    “.Prefers to have his family all to himself.”
    “No other dogs or cats in the home.”
    Etc . . .

    And this is appended to the bottom of some of the descriptions:

    ” . . . are currently receiving special training from staff and volunteers through our behavior modification program.”

    How the Humane Society can perpetrate such an animal on innocent, unsuspecting families is beyond me. So I wouldn’t doubt that the horror stories of attacks, mauling and deaths are going to stop any time soon.

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