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14 thoughts on “Jayce’s Law Has Hearing: Powerful Testimony by Charleston Humane Society and Mother of Boy Killed by Stray Pit Bull

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  1. People who are in favor of allowing predictably and/or unpredictably aggressive canine breeds to have unfettered ability to continue to maim hundreds of thousands of victims every short period of time: These are evil people. How to tell? By their evil works. The animals that they make mega bucks off of are worse than wild animals. They are worse than wild animals. Any attempt to reduce the ghoulish horror of aggressive canine attack is met with the anti-good actions of the very powerful, mega dollar funded Dangerous Breed Industry (DBI). When will the victims of the evil-based DBI take to the streets and demand reasonable legislation that will reduce the huge amount of unspeakable horror that strikes on our streets, in our homes and everywhere except inside church buildings? The only places that we are sometimes semi-safe in is in our own closed bathrooms/bedrooms, in our own automobiles and in a church building. Anyone who steps out of their bedroom/bathroom to open their front door is opening the door to unreasonably elevated risk of grave threat of a dangerous breed canine suddenly destroying their life. Anyone who steps out of their bedroom/bathroom into that residence where a dangerous breed canine is present is opening the door to the unreasonably elevated risk of grave threat of a dangerous breed canine suddenly destroying their life. All of this happens hundreds of thousands of times in the USA in what time period? Every few months? What can change as long as our evil society worships the all powerful dangerous Dog instead of the all powerful provident Go(o)d?

  2. I enjoyed hearing the South Carolina man brush off AKC, AFF and BFAS as irrelevant and shouldn’t get to speak (and they didn’t speak).

  3. Quoting from the post:

    The Big Three: American Kennel Club (AKC) and Animal Farm Foundation, both New York-based and Best Friends Animal Society, Utah-based.

    To which I say:

    I don’t know if the Animal Farm Foundation or the AKC take donations, but I do know that Best Friends does. They used to pummel my mother with fundraising mail. Before she died, I put a stop to that garbage.

    If anyone reading this still donates to Best Friends, stop. Give to DBO instead. There’s a “donate” button on every page of this site.

  4. $25 is not a deterrent. It’s a gift.

    There’s no statistical evidence that a neutered dog is not as dangerous as an intact dog. Several Nordic countries do not allow spay/neuter–they *do* however hold owners accountable for their dogs’ behaviours including breeding.

    There’s zero proof that pitbulls other than those specifically bred and used for fighting dogs, are any more abused than any other breed.

    As long as the money for these pitbull cultists keeps rocketing down the train there will never be an end to this.

    The excuses need to end.

  5. There is very limited data and mixed data (results in both directions) showing that neutering can reduce biting. There is agreed upon data that neutering reduces roaming and some intra-dog aggression (male dog-to-dog). There is little data on spay (females). Possibly the only agreed upon data that has statistical significance is that male dogs (no matter intact status) bite more than female dogs (no matter intact status).

    The most recent study out of Harris County, TX unincorporated has some new data in this area. Predictors of “severe” injury, not a common dog “bite.”

    Dog sex, dog breed, and confinement status were all found to be significant predictors of severe injury in the multivariate logistic model. Male dogs are more likely to inflict severe injury, with intact males having the greatest odds. The odds of sustaining a severe injury is twice as likely when the biting dog is an intact male versus an intact female. Pit Bulls had the greatest frequency of severe injuries (49.57%), followed by Labrador Retrievers (12.92%) and German Shepherds (7.69%). The odds of a severe injury by a Pit Bull is 213% higher than the odds for dogs of all other breeds (excluding German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever). The odds of sustaining a severe injury from a dog confined in a household, enclosed yard, or on a leash is 52% greater than for a loose, unconfined dog.

  6. I don’t know… I was confused by all of the testimony since it was all over the place. The two women who went last made the most sense. Overall, it seemed like there were too many agendas that I had to pull teeth to connect them to a $25 fee. The first guy’s testimony was the most ridiculous, pulling out photos of his pit bull and talking about it being a majestic breed. As much as I can’t stand these dogs, if I were a representative of the people I would vote against this because it just doesn’t make sense and it is not enforcable.

    • That is like saying the state dangerous dog law is unenforceable. Clearly that is not true. Local animal control agencies would enforce just like they do with all state laws regarding rabies vaccinations and loose and dangerous dogs. You also seem to not understand the role of Elmore and the forces he is up against. Tallulah and Barbara did not have to address the pit bull lobby. Tallulah was also certainly correct that the bill is a starting point.

    • It’s next to impossible to get any type of Breed Specific Legislation passed in this political climate. If this bill passes, it will be a huge VICTORY! We can build on the foundation of this bill. Pit bull breeding is costing taxpayers money for the surrendered pit bulls at shelters. SC should be able to recoup the cost by having fees for pit bull breeders.  SC shelters are tired of dealing with the overpopulation of high-liability pit bulls and want to solve the problem by curtailing pit bull breeding. I applauded South Carolina for wanting to solve the problem by curtailing pit bull breeding. South Carolina’s bill sets a precedent for other states to follow.

       I love Joe Elmore’s testimony.  Yes, he had a pit bull as a pet. He was trying to prove that he does not hate pit bulls. This was a strategy to try to get this bill passed. He really stuck it to the big lobby outsiders: Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Farm Foundation and American Kennel Club. Then he drove it home by using all SC stats.  

      • When we make selling pitbulls illegal (which it is in some BSL legislation) and subject to huge fines (followed by jail terms) this will end. Take away the profit motive and the whole pitbull house of cards, collapses.

        It’s the simplest solution to enforce, as well.

        Will probably never happen but until we treat pitbulls like the dangerous weapons they are and allow people to profit from their sale, I can’t see this problem going away any time soon because we are far past the deliberation of niceties.

    • Where I live, pitbull spay and neuter is free for anyone who does it through the various shelters. This has not provided any incentive for people to have them in the inner city to have them sterilized. Of course, all the ones living in the suburbs and white-collar homes are fixed since most of them are purchased at the shelters.

      I fail to see how a $25 fee for fertile pit bulls will be enforced, especially considering that there is a carved-out exception for “breeders.” There is money to be made off of breeding a bitch every heat cycle and trust me, these “breeders” know how to get 3 heats per year. I am thinking about the South Carolinian sister of a man I dated over 20 years ago. She was breeding pits for pulling and appearance/beefiness competitions. When I met her on my one and only visit to her trailer in the middle of nowhere SC her 2-year-old bitch was weaning her 4th litter. Does anyone actually believe a person like this will stop breeding pits?

      • Do you think speed limits mean anything to certain drivers? So let’s just not have any speed limits? You are failing to see the point—some owners will be affected by it. A single unspayed bitch can produce 2,608 dogs in five years if none of her female offspring are spayed. If there is only 10-15% compliance we are still talking about thousands of new pit bulls not being born, of which many would have had a one-way ticket to a South Carolina shelter. Further, we’ve already written about the fact that having the excessive pit bull breeding problem codified into state law is far better than not having it on the books. This bill is a step in the right direction. (Meet Sasha #6:

      • Dogs can easily raise two litters per year. In that there must be a minimum of four months between litters, a bitch cannot possibly produce an average of three litters per year every year. It’s not uncommon for bitches to cycle at five month intervals. Six months is more the average, and some don’t cycle nearly that often.

        I know of a GSD bitch delivering three litters per year for several years. She once was rebred while nursing a ten week old puppy and had another litter. This actually proved what we know. Bitches require at least four months for the uterus to completely return to normal. A very few could recycle at just under four month intervals. The bitch I mentioned above raised one puppy per litter for a total of three puppies per year. This could easily have led to a pyometra.

        Veterinarians don’t have safe effective medications to cause dogs to cycle more frequently. How could breeders have anything any better?

        Suppose the two year old bitch had whelped four litters. She whelped a litter at eight months, one at twelve months, a third at sixteen months, and a fourth at twenty months.
        Then a fifth at 24 months.
        However, this kind of extremely fast cycling is incredibly unlikely. Pit bull bitches are known to be escape artists and usually are bred every cycle.

        Breeders usually make little money breeding dogs. Consider facilities, vaccinations, vet care, deworming, C-sections, advertising, cost of training and dog shows.
        stud fees, cost of buying breeding dogs, cost of going to dog shows, cost of losing dogs, euthanasia, etc. I know I don’t know what other breeders’ expenses actually are, and I know no one has those figures unless they’re paying the bills or filing the taxes.

        I believe the biggest income on pit bulls is from betting on fights
        The dogs themselves are mostly worthless. If they don’t win, they are worthless.

        If pit bulls were valuable, they wouldn’t be dumped in shelters.

        Many litters of puppies die. That’s not profitable.
        Many pitties are sold very cheaply, as they aren’t worth much.

        Although I’m certainly against all pit bull breeding, pit bulls would stand a far better chance at life if they were expensive dogs.

        Also, unless the rules have changed, one cannot show wolfdogs in AKC in any performance events. I think pit bulls are allowed.

        Designer bullies such as toad lines are very expensive, generally require C-sections, and are very short lived.

  7. If this is to be used as a “wedge legislation” to kick the door open to BSL legislation, I can see the use of it.

    If this law is supposed to be a deterrent or “happy medium” solution I think it will be sadly underwhelming in terms of how much actual impact it will make in the next decade to stop the destructiveness caused by pitbulls.

  8. As a retired veterinary technician of almost 20 , from personal and professional experience with MANY UNALTERED BREEDS, I can tell you that altering a dog does little to nothing as far as temperament.
    The BREED certainly counts for it.
    We have euthanized many “ altered “ PITBULLS for idiopathic aggression.

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