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7 thoughts on “South Carolina 'Fertile Pit Bull' Bill is Back with Lower Fees and Support from Animal Shelters Across the State

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  1. The bargain-basement fee of $25 is still not going to be palatable to owners of nonintact pits to register them. I don’t think this will even be paid by the “higher-end breeders” (I can’t believe I just said that.) -the ones being bred and used for show or special training. When pits are brought into the shelter, I would wager that the majority of the time they are brought by their owners who will claim they are strays to have no responsibility or brought in by people where the pit was dumped in their neighborhood. Anyone who is breeding these dogs knows there are some they are going to dump at the shelter. The last thing they want is any legitimate government documentation on them. It makes it harder to dump them on the taxpayer and claim it was a stray. It also helps draw a B-line of ownership when all hell breaks loose and there is a mauling.

  2. All of this is because dangerous canines mostly injure other people, and only bite their owners a minority of the time. If it were the other way around, even evil people would not want to own dangerous canines anymore. Not to mention the huge mega bucks that are involved in the dangerous canine industry. Also, nice people don’t want to own dangerous animals, and people with dangerous personality disorder do want to own dangerous canines. In this world, big money defeats the truth.

  3. The fact that the pit bull dog is a subject of legislation in the government of South Carolina is great progress even with this small fee for fertile dogs. What other breed of dog is being discussed as a problem dog breed in South Carolina’s government?
    Their neighbor to the north, North Carolina, is recognized as the number 1 center of dogfighting in the United States. In 2008, author and pit bull breeder Ed Faron known as The Godfather of dogfighting and owner of Wildside Kennels was indicted and pleaded guilty to felony dogfighting. He was sentenced to 8 months. And who was standing by to rescue the 127 dogs discovered? Ledy VanKavage and the Human Society of the US. This is documented here at DBO. So having discussions about the pit bull problem in the legislature is always progress when they are recognized as an issue which needs solutions. It is something heading in the right direction.
    Than-you again for your vigilance in reporting on this public health crisis. When I googled “the number one authority on pit bulls in the US” today the first search result was Great work as usual!

  4. It’s a step in the right direction, so I really hope it passes. Too bad they made an exemption for hunting dogs. Ironic that it’s called “Jayce’s Law” and contains that hunting dog exemption when, according to claims made by the child’s family, the dog which killed Jayce was abandoned hunting dog. They probably knew how much harder it would be to pass if the massive amount of hunters in SC weren’t accommodated.

  5. Why is it that the most dangerous and unwanted dog that is clogging up shelters all over the country is the one least neutered? It is so odd to me that there isn’t already a law that mandates sterilizing pits.

  6. Just when I thought my opinion of Tammy Duckworth couldn’t get any lower. I am not surprised she is a pit pusher.

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