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22 thoughts on “Lawsuit Against South Texas No-Kill Shelter Alleges "Dog Laundering" After Adopted Dog Bites Child in the Face

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  1. Our lives are worthless; our lives have zero value according to the Dangerous Canine Industry (DCI). The DCI lied. The DCI lies, and people die. The DCI lies, and peoples lives are destroyed. It will be a miracle if the victims in this tragic case receive a penny from any party that comprises the DCI. Who is the Dangerous Canine Industry? Many parties, and any party that deploys powerful financial, political and legal forces to insure that the river of blood and the river of tears and the river of tragedy is allowed to flow continuously, unabated and unmitigated. The victims are weak. The victims have relatively zero financial power, relatively zero political power and relatively zero access to the legal means to reduce the public health tragedy that has been forced upon millions of hapless victims per year in this country. What percentage of the time do the Courts allow for justice to be applied to the criminal, and allow justice to be applied to the victims of dangerous canines? Almost zero percent of the time. To the powerful DCI lobby, our lives are less than worthless. Our lives are a liability and a threat to their powerful de facto legal standing in the near universally biased courts and law enforcement agencies. Our lives are a liability and a threat to their powerful financial interests. Most all locally biased authorities are not just simply passively complicit in the perpetuation of manifest massive injustice. Most all local authorities are actively complicit in the enforcement of dangerous dog owners’ rights to physically, legally and financially annihilate their victims. Will this and millions of other annual tragic cases receive reasonable news media attention? No. Is it because the news media is also complicit?

    • You know it’s truly messed up when Lady Gaga’s dogwalker is shot and her dogs are dognapped…

      And everyone’s more concerned with the dogs than the potential lifetime suffering of the dogwalker.

      So she puts out a 50k reward for *the dogs’ return*–not information on the perpetrator of the shooting. And everyone thinks this is normal behaviour.

      Me. Gobsmacked.

      • Yes, it is kinda disgusting. Equally disgusting that this has since been twisted to being “possibly politically motivated” because she performed at Biden’s inauguration. The purpose of this was two-fold: 1 to get the FBI involved for what really is a robbery in which the victim was shot over a rich person’s dogs and 2 to blame right-leaning people/Trump supporters for this robbery. At this point, the human victim has become a footnote in this case.

        Dog Worship Culture is disgusting from all angles.

        Concerning this case, just do not get dogs from shelters. Period. These places only can be trusted to sell cats and kittens. They can’t even be trusted to sell puppies because they will purposely mis-breed label them to push pits out. Most adult dogs taken to these places are problem animals. This particular dog was so effed up in the head and they knew it. I do not blame this family in anyway because they thought they were getting a good, safe breed in getting a lab.

        • I agree with what you say but as a dog lover, I must point out that pit lovers can’t be dog lovers because pits kill other dogs at alarming rates. They can’t be wildlife lovers either or love horses or other pets because pit bulls tear wildlife, horses and all manner of other pets limb from limb. My heart will always be first and foremost with people and that is what I love about dogs the most- the way they love people and bring them together. I love the way dogs have such an affinity with children too. But it is wrong to own a dog that puts others in the position that that they live or die based on the continued goodwill and judgment of a dog. Dog cannot be man’s best friend if the dog kills our children not to mention our elderly and other precious hxmanbeings.

  2. Those responding officers to the first bite should have ended that beast on sight. Would have at least prevented the shelter from reselling the dog again, twice! Shelters can’t be trusted anymore. It’s up to the public to protect ourselves from viscous dogs since no kill shelters would rather just lie and push attacking dogs right back out to unsuspecting people.

    We need prominent voices to take this to the media! No kill polices need to be ended.

    • If prominent voices won’t take this to the media, how about us? Why don’t we make this happen?

      It’s one thing to say that we need this, that, or the other thing to happen, or for someone else to cause things to change. It’s another thing to actually bring change about.

    • I don’t know, usually with fighting breed mixes, the fighting breed features are in full force. 9 times out of 10 they’ve got that notable blocky head. This dog looks pure lab to me, but of course it could easily be a mix.

      Either way, the breed doesn’t matter. This dog should have never left the shelter alive. I’m glad they’re being sued. Honestly, I wish this was more common.

  3. Even if Bo is a pure lab (there’s a few bad strains of neurotic chocolates out there according to dog forum rumours) there’s absolutely *zero* excuse why this dog is not dead.

    Bo is a mentally ill dog. Clearly. Since we have no way of rehabbing mentally ill dangerous dogs, there’s only one solution, left.

    This shelter is guilty of criminal negligence and fraud. They knew what they were doing, they knew it was wrong, they misrepresented the dog and they foisted a dangerous dog *through fraudulent claims* on an unwitting owner.

    AND they sold that dog, a minimum of twice, knowing it was dangerous. They’re a nickle away from negligent homicide. And the fact it’s probably a Labrador, is the only thing that saved people from being killed due to lesser bite strength.

    What happens when these same reckless clowns decide to cover up for a pitbull? How many bodies on the deck, then?

  4. I agree that shelters should not be knowingly adopting out dangerous animals. We need to deal with this in another preventive way as well. In the Rio Grande Valley, dog fighting is illegal but laws are not enforced. The people that
    She make huge money off these fights dump huge numbers of dogs. Some have been bred and training to be extremely dog and sometimes people aggressive. Plus the valley is FAMOUS for the large number of horrifically abused, tortured, starved and dumped dogs. The animal
    Protection laws are not enforced and some of these once innocent dogs have become dangerous. If we enforce the laws against abuse snd neglect and enforce spay/neuter laws, these dogs won’t be out on the streets in the first place. Dealing with the problems caused by cruel, thoughtless dog owners costs the community in blood snd dollars cleaning up their mess,

  5. I don’t understand why labs are such popular dogs. They’re too much dog for most people who just aren’t willing to do more work for having a dog than a food and water bowl. Plus many get huge.
    Ken Phillips words were best: children should only be around SMALL and GENTLE when mature dogs. Labs are not much of either.

    • Because they are bred to have soft mouths coupled with the ability to tolerate loud noise and discomfort.
      Granted even labs should not be around infants and toddlers. But for older children, they are a great choice.

      • You’re probably right about older children. Labs are quite high energy though, requiring a good deal of exercise. Unless a family jogs together I’m not seeing it. Maybe once the kids are big enough everyone can walk the dog. Family on the next street from me got a lab puppy, it’s not there anymore. Family next to me got a lab, never walks it, it barks all the time. Family on the north street from me got a lab, never walks it, the hole in the fence is big enough for the dog to get its entire head through. Someone’s lab tried to kill me for the act of passing its owner on the sidewalk.

    • Labs are popular because they have a aisolid reputation as friendly hunting and disability dogs with little protective instinct built in.

      Note the difference here.

      Labs are a LOT of dog.

      They’re bred to work, not hang out in the backyard or house, entertaining themselves all day. Sure, they’re great for children to play with *if* they have been out hunting or working for many hours, burned off their need for stimulation and are now in their downtime on cruise mode.

      The problem is people getting them thinking that they don’t have to do anything with them, chuck them out in the yard to amuse the children and somehow, the dog will figure out human society all by itself.

  6. I hope the Reyes’ lawsuit is infinitely successful. I hope it shuts down this criminal operation and sends a message to the others like it.

  7. Those shelter employees should be ashamed of themselves. How can they sleep at night. I am a dog lover but I in no way condone what is going on in shelters. All dogs have the potential to be killers. I used to have doberman dogs. I love this breed but I also know to always have control of them. They are a large and powerful dog. I would never hesitate to have a beloved dog put down if they bit for no reason especially a child. The only person that deserves to be bit is the one who is trying to kill another human being. No excuse for any other bite to human or animal.

  8. I’m shocked. I’m from Edinburg, I’ve taken strays to PVAS that animal control wouldn’t pick up. They are the only and largest animal shelter that takes in animals in the area, and because of this the dominant shelter that adopts dogs and cats out in the area. They are the go to place in the Rio grande valley. I never imagined they’d actively lie and hide a dogs history. Its abhorrent. And I’m only eating about this here!?!?

  9. Who values peoples’ right to be and feel safe? People who deny the dangers dogs pose should be prevented from exposing others to dangers they deny. The right to enjoy freedom from the dangers dogs pose is a worthy cause. Spreading denial of these dangers is not. Something I look for in the politicians, businesses, institutions and policy makers I choose to support or not support.

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