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6 thoughts on “Video: Citizen Offers Straight Talk About Pit Bulls and the Priority of a Pit Bull Ban, to 'Keep People Safe'

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  1. Thank God that that normal people get to have their voice heard! The Dangerous Animal Industry (DAI) has tons of money to lavish on politicians. The only thing that normal people have is a government that forces tragedy, pain, wounding and suffering on them.

  2. Some good common sense. And, yes, I share his indignation when nutters compare and use race as an excuse not to ban these maulers. Bravo to Mr. Crawford…well said.

  3. I agree with him on everything, but especially on the habit of nutter comparing pits to African American or other minorities. As an African American, I find that so offensive and ignorant everything I see it.

  4. There are adds running now amidst the carona outbreak that you should adopt a shelter pet.
    My county ( Clark) is running these adds showing tons of
    ” lovable, family friendly, big babies ” Pitbulls that need homes.
    I’m not make no this up, they even waved the adoption fees. BECAUSE NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO ADOPT A HOMELESS DOG SINCE YOURE GOING TO,BE HOME……W.T.F……
    Have these people gone completely stupid !?
    People are loosing their jobs and we have a deadly pandemic….and they’re still pushing this vile breed on us.

    I hate to say it, but I wished I had the funds to adopt all Pitbulls … I can drive them out to the DESERT ☠️

    • Yes, just what a rowdy breed needs to, eh?

      Be locked in a little house for weeks on end (except for a quick potty) during self-isolation…crapping and peeing all over if someone is quarantined or being passed hand to hand until the pandemic is over.

      Wait until pitbulls start eating their “rescuers” from boredom and lack of stimulation.

      These “rescuers” are sociopathic.

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