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5 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Prevention Week: Protect Your Postal Carrier from Damaging Dog Bites, Highlights of Recent Carrier Attacks

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  1. Of course the best way to keep anyone from getting attacked is don’t get a breed know for attacking people unprovoked.

  2. Another deep irony is that at the time, the HSUS had a much more realistic view of pit bulls and advanced the completely rational view of supporting certain types of BSL and discouraging shelters from adopting out dogs confiscated from dogfighting rings.

    The NAIA was formed to fight the animal advocacy movement and supported “owner’s rights” and the rights of animal-using industries to conduct their business unimpeded.

    Now we have the HSUS, Best Friends, et. al., basically working as lobbying arms for pit bull breeders, and the right of them to conduct their business unimpeded–undoing so much of the hard work to reduce the number of unwanted pets that are born only to be abandoned or euthanized. It’s so depressing. Merritt Clifton has written extensively on it.

      • I’ve started returning their requests for donations with a message to the effect of “until you stop promoting pit bulls as a pet, you won’t get another dime from me”.

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