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7 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Dog Kills 13-Month Old Baby Girl at Babysitter's Home in Missouri

  1. Power breeds and children do NOT mix. What the hell are they thinking? Pit bulls have NO traits that makes it beneficial to breed them to other dogs either.

  2. I don't think anyone on here is surprised by this. "This" being that the dog had pit in it. I suspect there is no lab in this designer dog. Pit people always claim (blame) lab when they try to lie about their dog being a pit. It is amazing how swiftly the rescue claim dogs are labs that are so obviously pits.

  3. The reason so many crossbred dogs have pit blood is that pit bulls are frequently the only dogs that are reliably intact. In an era when most normal dog owners have accepted spay/neuter, pit owners are once again outliers, with barely a quarter of all pits altered.

    If you are a person who wishes to breed your dog–especially if you are a backyard breeder who's not associated with traditional responsible breeding channels, you can pretty much guarantee that you can find an intact pit at anytime with which to breed your animal.

  4. Unfortunately, some people because of finances or work schedules, have very limited options for child care. Heartbreaking for the parents. Everyone needs to be educated that pitbulls are killing machines, most parents would rather be homeless living in a car with their child, then to to leave their child in the equivalent of lion's den.

  5. What a beautiful baby. That's a terrible story.

    There's a vicious circle involved in so many pit bull attack cases. As packhorse mentioned, pit bulls are unique in that intact, breeding pit bulls are common in every community in every part of the US (do NOT let rescue people tell you otherwise – online, I have seen shelters in Alaska, Wyoming and other farflung US states which are as lopsidedly pit bull as the East Coast, and almost all the southern transport dogs now are pit bulls). They are extremely cheap and easy to acquire. Dogs of any other type are now difficult and expensive to acquire in the US. So poor people who want dogs are acquiring pit bulls. Poverty has a way of making life chaotic and people despairing – when things break and you can't fix them and have to live with them, safe situations can easily turn hazardous and you can't find the energy or caring to make them safe again. When the family puppy grows into an aggressive pet, you can't afford a $90 an hour vet behaviorist or a $65-per-8-foot-section secure fence or a $300 pit-proof metal dog crate. You can afford a Petsmart trainer who recommends neutering, a tie-out that wraps around a tree, and a $45 wire cage from Walmart. And none of it will work. Neutering has a negligible effect on aggression; studies since the 1990s have shown that, repeatedly. The calming effect was vastly overstated in the s/n era to sell sterilizing dogs. It actually increases aggression in female dogs, actually. The tie-out will get you fined if your city has an enlightened anti-chaining coalition, and the crate will disintegrate if the pit really puts some effort into destroying it.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't excuse this woman's role in getting that baby killed horribly. I'm just saying that as in so many issues, well-off people are making decisions to protect their own 'rights' to property and consumer choices and those decisions are hurting poor people's more basic rights to safety.

  6. Pit bulls and other fighting breeds should be legally acknowledged as dangerous breeds. There should be no “free” first bite. If a dog attacked and hurt someone, owner should go to jail for assault. If a dog has killed someone, owner should go to jail for manslaughter, every single time, not just once in a blue moon. Also, owners lie. They know they’ll go to jail if they admit their dog has attacked before, so they all say it never attacked anyone. These people are sick sociopaths who value dogs more that people, they should bear full responsibility for their dogs actions.

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