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11 thoughts on “Persistent 'Wild Animal' Theory Finally Derailed, Elderly Man was Killed by a Pack of Loose Dogs in 2015

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  1. You would think that after a 100% match at least the one would be seized. Authorities should have seized all four dogs as soon as those DNA results came back. What was not stated in the News-Leader articles is WHEN the DNA results came back. October 2016? February 2017?

    Despite this horrific case and learning the hard way the culprit was not a wild animal, it appears little canine pack attack predation was understood either. That Otto/Bubba's owner continues to allow the dog to roam with another large dog is extremely dangerous. While we don't know the history of the boxers, they were very likely roaming and hunting together (engaging in nonhuman predation as a group). That would certainly be a factor leading to the attack on Vogt.

    What is so frustrating to us is that officials examined the attacking dogs on the day of the attack. But personal bias and lack of experience kept them clinging to the absolutely least probability of a "wild animal theory" for months on end.

    We feel so sorry for Vogt's family who were forced to endure this for over a year now, after they led authorities to the dog owner's home just hours after the attack.

  2. The most disturbing thing about this story is that there don't seem to be any actions planned by authorities either in charging the killer dogs' owners (the Brink family) for at the very least selling/rehoming dogs they suspected of killing a man, or in seizing the killer dogs from their new owners. Particularly the one that's 100% matched and which now resides with an elderly couple and their obese son who allow it to run loose with another dog. As you say, it's a fatal attack looking for a jogger, child or other hapless soul to happen to.

  3. Whatever the "authorities" believed, or didn't, sounds like the owner of the killer dogs knew what happened.

  4. @ AllisonSmith indeed it's very disturbing that they aren't seizing the dogs and having them destroyed – isn't that the normal procedure for any dog that kills a human? Had it actually turned out to be a wild animal and they knew which individual wild animal it was they would have shot it. Why are the dogs being left alive?

  5. AT the minimum, why wouldn't the owner at the time of attack be charged with covering up crime evidence or hindering an investigation. He out and out admits that he believed his dogs to be the killers, and then he turns around and gives the killer dogs away to unsuspecting people.

  6. Not only that, one was dumped in a different county (and about an hour away) at the Polk County Humane Society and the other was adopted by a family sufficiently a good distance away — no one would ever recognize these dogs in their new locations. One has to wonder the amount of time that passed when the attack was inflicted and when the deputy paid a visit to Brink. Seems it could have been a few hours, which is sufficient to clean up visible evidence. We know the owner had no problem being devious a few months later when he got rid of the dogs. So why not be deviant immediately after the attack? There is also the troubling detail that the dogs did not finish the attack — killing Vogt then. Unless interrupted by something or someone, pack attacks like this usually continue until the victim is dead — often more bites are inflicted postmortem too. Brink's home was 1/8 of a mile from the attack scene… | Link to see locations

  7. I hope so much that people can gain better insight into why these investigative failures happen in some cases.

    Certainly in some there are simply errors and mistakes made by authorities.

    But the public has to understand that the dog issue is a POLITICAL one. In some cases, when there is a dog attack (particularly a fatality), there is POLITICAL pressure put on authorities to guide them to certain conclusions or to pressure them to abandon investigations or alter their course.

    In some cases, this can mean direct contact by dog lobbyists with the authorities. In other cases, it can be pressure by a politically-connected local or someone with the ability to influence investigations.

    In some cases, there are backroom deals or conversations which the public never finds out about.

    This is the real threat to public safety- the influence of special interests on authorities.

  8. Are you sure these are boxers?

    I can tell you that animal "rescue" dealers and some shelters and animal control departments have been mislabeling pit bulls or other bully breeds with the fake "boxer" tag since the 1980s.

  9. I am so glad they finally came to this ruling. Shameful how long it took and that they ignored the victim's own words. But perhaps it will give other owners of vicious dogs pause when they let them out the door to free roam.

  10. The serious FACT is that today in America if you are attacked by an animal is is most likely to be a dog, and that dog is most likely to be a pit bull.

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