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2 thoughts on “Annual Update: Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties, States and Military Housing with Breed-Specific Laws (2018-2019)

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  1. thank you for this important information which demonstrates that the inherent danger in certain breeds of dogs is recognized throughout the world. A reasonable person would have to conclude that when an entire country enacts breed restrictions it is because these breeds pose a risk to life and limb. I intend to forward this report to my local Congressional representative in Virginia. We had two high profile mauling cases in Virginia in 2017. One of those involved the death of a family member on the day a pit bull was acquired from a Virginia Beach shelter. The other involved a young woman whose two pit bulls mauled her to death on her favorite hiking trail in Goochland, VA. As more people begin to understand the potential for tragedy associated with dangerous breeds, preemption laws will be more difficult to pass. is breaking the monopoly on information held by Humane Societies and Breed advocates with the facts of dog bite related fatalities impeccably researched, recorded and published in an easily accessible format. Thank -you for the life saving work you do.

    • Anita, I live in Roanoke and would love to talk with you. My email is [email protected] and phone is 540-353-0250. I do not care about who has this info.
      I have been to general assembly in support of last years bill requiring disclosure of “must tell” bill that passed last year. I agree completely on your comment.

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