Annual Update: Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties, States and Military Housing with Breed-Specific Laws (2018-2019)

The top three regulated dog breeds: pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf-dog hybrids. BSL Estimate 2018-2019 - Since 2011, we have maintained an estimate of breed-specific laws across the United States, including breed-specific policies governing military privatized housing. By 2009, all three major military divisions -- U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force -- banned a small group of dangerous dog breeds because they present an "unreasonable risk… [Read full blog post]

Judge Rules in Favor of Loudon County's 'No Adopt Out' Pit Bull Policy

County Wins Lawsuit UPDATE 05/24/09: A May 21 ruling ended a long winded battle over the county's no-adopt out policy on pit bulls. In a 13-page opinion1, Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge Burke F. McCahill sided with the county. He said the county's current policy on pit bulls, put in place by the Board of Supervisors, does not break state rules on dog ownership rights and breed bias. McCahill said, "A citizen's right to own a pit bull is entirely different than a citizen's rig… [Read full blog post]

Aurora Fighting Breed Ban Goes to Court

Now The Ugly Guys Show Up Aurora, CO - The American Canine Foundation (ACF), a Washington-based pit bull special interest group, frequently threatens and pursues lawsuits to intimidate city officials who have passed breed-specific laws. The group seems to be in litigation on a constant basis, but has little to show for their efforts. Likely the most significant case they "assisted on" is the Ohio, Tellings case, which recently got overturned by the Ohio State Supreme Cour… [Read full blog post]