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9 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: 'Rampaging Attack,' Dog Attacks Two, Killing One, in Arcata, California

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  1. “Judge the morality of a nation by how the animals are treated.”

    Sane compassionate moral nations do not support dog fighting and do not support the breeding of dog killing dogs.

    It’s cruel to breed dogs that are intentionally bred to kill their own family over nothing, on mutant instinct alone.

    Dog fighting has no place in civilized society.
    The breeding of fighting dogs has no place in civilized society either.

  2. 91 years old and taken out by one of those useless beasts. What a way to go.

  3. I think that, when it comes to treatment of the victims of dogs, our nation’s morality is very suspect.

    More than a few people posting here and elsewhere are victims who have been bullied and threatened. Some have even experienced death threats.

    • I recently saw a clean-cut, 30-something year old man with a military haircut leading a pit bull inside HOME DEPOT. He appeared to have the dog on a tight lead, but there was no indication if the dog was a service dog or night. To my untrained eyes, he looked like a tough guy who wanted to show off his tough dog.

  4. Manner of Death Accident? Should be manner of death Homicide. The puppy owner should be charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Life in prison. That would be justice.

    • They can only bring murder charges if they can prove there was intent to kill on the part of the dog owner (which there wasn’t, hence “accidental” death).

      But the owner should be pulled up on manslaughter charges instead, as would anyone who ran over and killed someone with their car accidentally, or who accidentally discharged their gun and killed someone etc.

      There is too little culpability with dog attacks – meaning not enough incentive for owners to keep their dogs controlled and keep the public safe from them.

  5. Why is Andre Hale, the shelter’s manager, permitting Rocky the pit bull to continue to exhaust tax payer resources?!?!
    Humboldt County Animal Shelter needs new management.

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