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9 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 64, Killed by Pit Bulls in Lake Tillery Development in Montgomery County

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  1. I will never understand why someone would get a breed of dog that you have to be in fear of it killing someone when it gets loose.

  2. This will continue to happen until the owners are faced with criminal charges! Things need to change.

  3. Yesterday at the grocery store I saw a kid helping a disabled man I assume was his father. He was pushing the wheelchair and helping him shop. Well, the kid was wearing a pit bull propaganda t-shirt. I thought to my self, both these people would be completely helpless if their pit went red zone. So many vulnerable people are being exposed to these dogs.

  4. What a horrible, brutal death for that poor lady. Killed by dogs and then left to die in a ditch alone…just awful.

  5. This leaves people no choice but to walked armed. It’s a sad time when the fear is not being bit by a dog but killed by a dog.

    • Take a can of Hornet spray when running or in dangerous areas! Better to have that then be killed by these blood sport dogs and ignorant so called owners! BAN THIS BREED FROM AMERICA

  6. The person who owns these murderous dogs – not only is he not going to be arrested and charged, but authorities are kindly asking for his permission to euthanize the dogs? Two disgusting dogs and their owner, who has blood on his hands, seem to have more rights than that poor elderly woman and her family. What about justice for the victim? No one is going to be punished, whatsoever? I mean, we live in a society where, if a small bakery refuses to bake a cake for your controversial wedding, you can be awarder hundreds of thousands of dollars, to soothe your hurt feelings. Yet, if your elderly mother is viciously killed by pit bulls, whose owner knowingly (or negligently) let them loose, you have no case? Something’s wrong with this logic.

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