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10 thoughts on “Videos of Pit Bull Attacking Decoy Dogs Shown to Courtroom; Judge Orders the Dog-Aggressive Pit Bull Put Down

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  1. I wish someone could get a hold of the Toledo, Ohio video that was used in court showing a pit bull under anesthetic, unconscious, hanging in mid air from a cable, not letting go.

  2. "Bentley" appears to be sexually aroused during the attack. That's a very nasty animal. The full instagram message seems to indicate the foster is reconsidering euthanizing – and of course 3 people chimed in to encourage her to try again. Did she actually follow through on the euth?

    Shelters used to be a force for good, and now they're pit bull containment facilities. Look at the video below, a lecture by a very well-regarded vet behaviorist, Pam Reid – she shows extremely violent pit bull attacks on other dogs and on decoy stuffed dogs, and describes her rehab efforts with a police bust pit called Dragon. There is a very odd tone to her lecture – she laughs nervously, often when showing violent footage of dog attacks, and it feels almost like you're seeing the split in sheltering between what it was and what it's become. She's honestly showing the worst problems, and they're in pit bulls, and yet, she's also suggesting that it's humane to house these worst dogs, and to attempt rehab and rehoming of them.

  3. Damn. Two doggie psychopaths. And of the same breed. What's the chances of that?

    Seriously, we all know that the pitbull lovers out there will look at these vids and say "he's just playing", even though they images and sounds make any real dog owners hair stand on end. You can't cure psychopathy.

  4. The new director of Pima County animal control is a pit pushing nutter. I have seen her doing this and I fear for the safety of people here in Tucson.

  5. "I wanna ask help for all kind of behavior specialist….. my dog is in a death line, and i wanna save him, at the same time i do t want my son in risk…"

    Typical nutter grammar skills…

    She seriously took in a psychotic, red lining, ultra dangerous dog with a CHILD IN THE HOUSE?! Then people are encouraging her to keep the dog and not give up on it? Sounds like she already gave up on her son. What planet are these people from?!?!

    I swear the brains of pit nutters are vestigial organs.

    Those 2 dogs are not the exception to the rule. They are the rule – two sweet wiggle butt pibbles experiencing unbridled euphoria while attempting to snuff the life out of another creature. Thank God those creatures were not alive.
    Now just imagine that decoy animal was a small child, or elderly person, or anyone you love. It makes me sick.

    We need a 6 lane highway over the rainbow bridge for pit bulls. Or at least an HOV lane.

  6. What we are seeing is no more remarkable than a Labrador leaping into a pool. These dogs are doing exactly what they were bred to do. Dogfighters would look at them and smile about how "game" they are.

    This is what people are fighting to have in backyards, in parks. Anytime a dog daycare, kennel, or dog park excludes pit bulls, people go nuts. They want pit bulls, and they will get them in the full sense of the word.

  7. Ugh this makes me sick. There's a pitbull 2 doors down from my mother's house and it makes me so nervous to take my dog when I visit her now. The owner lets his dog offleash on the communal lawn in front of the houses but grabs it whenever he sees a dog coming so I'm assuming his dog is DA. He shouldn't even have it out in public without a muzzle & leash (they're restricted & regulated in the country my mother lives). I don't think police would do anything if I tried to tell them though 🙁

  8. It breaks my heart every time I hear about a pit bull attacking small dogs like a Maltese. I've got a Havanese and the idea of her getting attacked is just horrifying. She wouldn't stand a chance.

  9. Also, that post by Buster's foster owner is one of the most insane things I've ever read in my life.

  10. Sarah, it is interesting that you point out the veterinarian behaviorist not having a solid stance. It is so difficult for veterinary and shelter professionals since on one hand they take an oath " use my … skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering" while getting grief from the "no Kill" groups. There is a constant moral and ethical dilemma to "do the right thing" but by whose standards?? There are people, humans in prison that cannot be rehabilitated and released back into society. So how can one argue that an animal, with no moral ground, can be trained out of instinctual, genetic behaviors and drive and live successful in the general population?

    So often I see ads for rescued dogs that insist on "no dogs, no cats, no kids", which in my opinion sounds like a dog that should not be adopted out. How can anyone guarantee that this animal will NEVER come into contact with dogs, cats and kids???

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