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17 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Mauled to Death by Pit Bull While Visiting Owner's Home in Georgia

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  1. I've said it a hundred times-NEVER go to a home with a pit bull no matter how 'sweet' the idiot owner insists it is. Don't let your loved ones or children go either.

  2. Pit bull apologists: blame the owner, not the breed, because it's how they're raised. But then do their best to save dogs from busted fighting rings and stuff so they can be adoped out, when those dogs had the worst upbringing possible. Nutter logic for ya.

  3. One other thing, lately I have been seeing nutters comment that bites are down, in the face of all evidence. Looks to me like both bites and deaths are skyrocketing. This has been a bad year:'-( Thanks, all you guys trying to educate people. The less future victims, the better.

  4. "… family members told WXIA they "don't blame the breed of dog," but rather the owner."

    "… the "only way and animal is bad is depended on how they are raised …"

    As long as people have that mindset they'll never figure things out, even if pit bulls were killing 1,000 people per year in the U.S. As long as they believe personal anecdotes over statistics they won't understand the danger they're putting family, friends, and neighbors in. It's always going to be a surprise to them when their dog attacks someone because they live in a state of denial.

    Why isn't the state doing something about this? Oh, that's right. There's too many people in government positions that put their own feelings over facts. Meanwhile they ignore all the babies and children that are being mauled and killed every year. No, we wouldn't want to ban some breeds. That would be racist. Are you serious?!!!

  5. Forget BSL. We need OSL – Owner Specific Legislation. "No person or persons shall own a pit bull or pit bull type dog if said person meet one or more of the following criteria : lives in a trailer, lives in the inner city, has a criminal record, has an IQ lower than 95, fails to grasp basic English, fails to use proper punctuation, has children, has neighbors within 1 mile, can't spell "bred", can't spell "definitely", can't afford an insurance policy less than one million dollars, smokes marijuana, uses any illegal drugs, drinks Budweiser, wears tank tops, or has a job that is funded by tax payer dollars."
    That should take care of about 98% of current pit bull owners, including the soulless sack of dung who, in the face of the violent death OF THEIR OWN MOTHER, continues to push pro pit bull s**t. Unbelievable. The depravity of those people is mind blowing. Beyond mind blowing. It's not even in the realm of normal brain function. Blaming an innocent man who tried to help this woman? Definitely. Blaming the canine spawn of satan who was displaying its genetics? Never!
    And pit wackos call the realists "ignorant". The irony is painful.

  6. Candy Smith is a HORRIBLE person to blame the Good Samaritan for her mom's death. Forget that it was that man who was there BESIDE Candy fighting this dog. Both of them ended up on the car roof and Candy takes no blame but blames this unrelated person who stopped, tried to help, and got attacked himself. What a loser nutter!

  7. Oh my god, she is blaming the Good Samaritan! I don't know how I missed that part. Unbelievable, just unbelievable!

  8. I have to say it, there have been some recent PBRF (pit bull related fatalities) on this site in which the family memebers are quick and vocal to defend the breed. This denial–it is like a true mental illness. I am just so mystified by this.

  9. My daughter was attacked by a dog the same day and was lucky to have away from him,he was NOT A PIT BULL,yet they say it's a civil matter,any pet owner has a responsibility to keep their animal contained and everyone safe,if they do not wish to do so,then they have the animal for the wrong reasons.I thank God she will be ok,but the pickens police department didn't do anything to insure this will not happen to someone else visiting the house my daughter delivered pizza to from her be ware of who you visit …

  10. Chris Becker, you make a good point. And I'm going to expand on it by saying that there's quite a bit of untreated mental illness among dog owners. Think of the people you've met who are so wrapped up in their dogs that they've forgotten how to relate to people. Or maybe they never did have this skill.

  11. To be honest I wouldn't blame my favourite breed (border collie) if a family member was killed by one. Very few border collies fatally maul people so I would think the rare times that it happens it must be a combination of factors (bad breeding, bad training, bad management, and bad luck).

    I'd definitely blame the owner unless the dog was in my care and control at the time (in which case I'd blame myself).

    I'm not sure how pit bull owners can ignore the statistics and breed purpose / breed characteristics but it seems they have no trouble doing so. Maybe their love for their own dog blinds them to the traits and tendencies that make them potentially so dangerous? Some people do say love is like a mental illness, and crazier things have been done in the name of love.

    I don't believe all pit bulls are bad dogs – many of them just carry genetic traits that are out of place in modern society. It's possible for a very conscientious, careful owner to keep them and have no problems but unfortunately most people are not that careful or considerate, and sometimes even with the best owners freak events or accidents happen (a storm blows down a fence / a burglar breaks a window and the dog gets out etc).

    I'm in favour of banning (or regulating) all the molosser breeds but I appreciate this wouldn't go down well with the majority of the dog owning population, especially considering GSD are mostly genetically molosser (according to genomics studies) and GSD are one of the most popular dog breeds.

    I'm not sure what I'd do if my favourite breed was banned – probably end up keeping it anyway and calling it a mixed breed. Then I'd have to be called a collie nutter I suppose…

  12. Everytime this happens, they ALWAYS say it's the owner's fault. It's time to start prosecuting owners. So, then there will be court cases on paper. And, when all the owners happen to be pitbull owners, the FACTS WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. It can't be blamed on MEDIA BIAS anymore.

  13. Lucu Lencia, for certain breeds and types of dogs being conscientious and careful isn't always enough. Every year several pit bull owners of the good hearted and well-intentioned variety–or one of their neighbors or parents or children–end up in the news because they were killed by well-raised and cared for pits.

    Some dogs were bred to kill rats, some were bred to pull sleds for miles, some were bred to kill. Why the surprise when they do the very thing that they were bred for? Most of the time their love for their owners wins out and everything is fine, but sometimes something happens that causes their fighting ring instincts to kick in. It's not their fault they were bred this way, but that's how it is. The fact that a small number of breeds are responsible for so many deaths every year, no matter how well they are raised, shows that nurture is only part of the story. Nature matters too.

  14. Lucu: These dogs were bred for centuries to be the ultimate canine killing machine, you can't get that out with a few bellyrubs. Most pits that kill were family pets, well treated with no signs of abuse or neglect EVER. Only a very few pits who've killed had shady histories. Just go to and read their stories- their owners *shocked* at the sudden but predictable carnage by a breed designed for EXACTLY that. ALL pits carry traits that are out of place in society and make them UNFIT to be PET animals, including the bite strength of an industrial hydraulic press, tendency to go off without warning or provocation, and inability to stop until they are DEAD.

  15. Lucu Lencia, your border collie would never be banned for aggression because that's not something that BC's were bred for. While they have their own issues (high energy dogs that can be destructive if left with no outlet, or job to do), killing and horribly mauling people are not their problem. You made a good choice when you chose your pet. That's one of the things that bothers me about pit owners. They could have chosen any breed of dog, yet they chose one that was bred to attack and kill without warning or provocation.

  16. What gets me is I'm seeing more and more of these killer dogs out in public. Parks, in cars with the windows open in public places, parading around stores apparently as "service" dogs. I've taken to carrying around a pit bull break stick. I don't know how effectively I could use it in a full fledged attack, but I figure it's better than nothing, given that it's becoming more and more impossible to avoid pit bulls in the public arena.

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