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13 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Mauled to Death by Her Boyfriend's Pit Bull in Georgia

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  1. Oh my God, this is horrible! Look at what Chuck Christmas has to say on the related Statesboro Herald Facebook post. A complete denier and an "avid" pit bull defender.

    "Chuck Christmas This was my nephew's dog that attacked my nephew's girlfriend. She had overseen a "slaughter" at a local farm as a part of her job as a meat inspector that day. It's quite possible that the slaughtered animals give off pheromones that the dog detected on her person, inducing it into a "fight or flight" response. It's also possible that any dog of comparable size might have reacted in the same fashion."

  2. If what Chuck Christmas said was true, then millions of people who came home with their grocery shopping every day would be killed by their dogs.

    This excuse nonsense is just pit bull breeders making excuses so they can go on intentionally breeding vicious fighting breeds.

    Pit bull advocacy has made the world a worse place for all, including the dogs themselves. It is just breeder lobbying.

  3. Add "pheremones" to the list of triggers. So….other dogs will just sniff you but these dogs are triggered to kill.

  4. "Fight or flight"? Seriously? Are you familiar with the term' "form follows function"? A pit bull has powerful jaws lined with an array of sharp teeth, specially designed to rip off chunks of raw flesh and swallow them whole. It's it's brain is wired and it's body is built around one thing; using those jaws to instinctively pursue, attack, pull prey down, go for the neck, hold-shake, kill and eat. From follows function; pit bulls are not designed to be people, friends or pets.

  5. Game bred means fighting dogs.

    These people are breeding fighting dogs, and selling them when they know they will kill.

    Georgia has dog fighting going on in plain sight. Terrible problem, even the middle class there is into dog fighting.

  6. I am not surprised by the comment at all. I joked to my husband the night I read this post that "no doubt the smell of dead animals was a trigger".

    After all who can forget the pit bull who chewed off the toddlers fingers and the reason given by the nutters was "he had a hot dog the day before".

    Yesterday as I drove by the local skateboard park there was a really large pit bull on a leash being "walked" by a 10 year old on a bike….that is not going to end well. I am sure skateboards must be a trigger because everything else in life is for this kind of dog.

  7. I know some of the people involved in animal issues in Georgia.

    In one instance, an animal control officer found out about dog fighting at a pit bull breeders' place in her county. She called up the sheriff who told her off, and told her she was to do and say NOTHING about it or she would feel some pain. She later found out this sheriff attended dog fights at the same establishment.

    Yes, even some of law enforcement is into dog fighting and pit bull breeding in Georgia. Politicians and community leaders too.

    And many of the pit bull advocacy groups there are led by dog fighters and pit bull breeders. They are shipping the game bred surplus into your state via "rescue" dealing.

  8. I saw Wilcox page and she was such a beautiful woman. It is so tragic and so completely unnecessary too. There is just no good reason to breed dogs into any weird shape your heart desires especially if that particular shape is one best designed to kill men, women and children quickly and efficiently, not to mention other pets. Dogs are our best friend and we should act like a friend and not breed them in ways that hurts them and others. Dog breeders should be held legally and financially responsible for any death or injury caused by any animal that leaves their breeding program. When will we start blaming the breeders?

  9. I think this story adds significant insight into just how unpredictable these dogs are.

    Here we have a person who has made a career/profession around animals. If anyone should be able to recognize any sign of a dog turning into a land shark- she should have.
    My guess is she was lulled into all the pro nutter crap and because "the dogs were raised right" they certainly would cause no harm.

    Meanwhile there is a tragedy/death at an amusement park last week-makes all the national and local news- and right away Legislation is being drawn up to regulate theme parks more stringently.

    The pit bull carnage continues and all we here from the legislators is silence.

  10. I think pit bulls don't really display any warnings before they are "set off" into fight mode. And after killing someone they can go back into "wigglebutt" mode and look all cute again until the next trigger sets them off.

    She didn't recognize the signs because there WEREN'T any signs. All she saw was the cute "wigglebutt" mode, right up until the point one (or more) of them decided to kill her.

    At least that's my theory – I'd like to think she was smart enough to have got the hell out of that relationship if the dogs ever showed any aggression prior to the attack that killed her.

  11. It's amazing the boyfriend took in a dog with a known history of aggression. I wonder if he feels guilty. It's more likely, though, that he's found some excuse for the dog. So very sad…such a young woman.

    There seems to be a real trend in the dog world of people thinking any and every dog can be saved. Just reading comments on dog attack or dog training articles shows the histrionics about euthanasia. I love dogs and wish it was true that all could be saved. That's just not reality. These attitudes are disturbing to me. It's either the rescue angel mentality or some sort of arrogance in people thinking that they can change every single dog with love and their superpowers or whatever. I was just reading comments on an article about dog training, and those defending Cesar Millan and his methods are adamant that it's all in how they're raised and all in how the owners treat them and that it's the owner who needs to be trained while the dogs need to be rehabilitated. They claim that he saves dogs that other trainers gave up on and they treat him like he's some kind of god for saving the dogs. They act like that's the highest possible good. Some dogs should not be saved, and it can be to their detriment to be forced into a life of fear, instability, harsh management, restrictions, kennel confinement, and so on. It seems to me like the human/canine relationship just gets more messed-up by the day!

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