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7 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Autauga County Woman Killed by Family Dogs

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  1. I found no other information about the dogs. The sheriff did mention that a "court" would handle the euthanasia decision. The missing third dog is very confusing.

  2. There isn't enough of an image of the white alleged shepherd-mix to know. The known information is incredibly partial. It will likely stay that way too.

  3. I've seen several attacks recently where the media went to lengths to NOT mention breed. FFS, why is everyone SO cowed down by the lunatics of pit advocacy? They should be roundly laughed at every time they pop up like the BAD advice they are.

  4. So…the Golden was tethered. The pit was not mentioned. The GSD mix looks like a wolf hybrid. Is this about right?

  5. Looks I'm not the only one who thought the second creature looked like a wolf hybrid. Anyway, I think it's pretty obvious that the pit is responsible for the murder. Aside from everything we know about pits, the fact that they tried to hide it is pretty telling.

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