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12 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Lee County, Alabama Woman Scalped by Pit Bulls Dies

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  1. No! Pit Bulls are only mean if they are treated mean—–NOT!!! I have such a hard time listening to pit bull owners make excuse after excuse for their dogs aggressive behaviors. Sadly this owner has lost a human friend.

  2. Everyday, I look to see if this blog is updated.

    Everyday that there is no update, I swear, I let out a heavy sigh of relief. This is the only blog I follow that I am thrilled to see no new posts.

    Today I saw that it was updated, and I thought, not again, please, not again.

    And of course, another innocent person was killed by grippers, in the most brutal of fashion. Again. So predictable. So tragic. She was so young, and only trying to help.

    (Shall we add playing with a tennis ball to the list of things that makes pits snap and scalp and kill?)

  3. I cannot even imagine the pain and terror, and why her family must be feeling.

    A vicious rumor? Being scalped, suffering unimaginably, then dying isn't enough torture for this poor women, they must impugn her good name too? Try to make this nightmare her fault? As if there is anything that would make this attack an acceptable response….

    Every time I think I cannot be more disgusted with the pit machine, they go and shovel the bottom even lower.

    They do target women, and women are more likely to put a bunch of work and personal effort into the whole rescue thing. Just look at the crowd begging for news on their maulers when Spindletop went down.

  4. I also wonder how many other critical condition victims have died, but we do not know because it was not reported. Or maybe their death was listed as whatever killed them, like infection, instead of a DBRF?

    I always wonder what happened to that NJ boy that was mauled by his Dads 2 pits, when he was visiting. A neighbor saved his life by breaking the door down, but he was very, gravely injured. I think this was late 2013.

  5. No doubt the victim was fully indoctrinated in the "it's all how you raise em" garbage. She is the right age.

    I attended the Pet Expo in Orange County, CA two weeks ago. With hundreds of booths there I of course wound up being very close to the pit bull booth. The pit bull, american bull dogs and the staffordshires had one big booth together. They had their "Nanny Dog" poster out front loud and proud. Along with their other propaganda. As far as I am concerned these kind of people have a hand in every victim of a pit bull attack. Though I did hear one of the booth attendants telling another how they will have a dog available from time to time when they want to get a new dog "in their yard". Odd talk for a show that is geared towards people and their pets.

    As Tropical Storms pointed out it is very telling that the non pit did not participate.

    What are the chances the dogs will be liberated by some "rescue" organization because no doubt they will pass the "temperament test".

    I surmise that unless the test is being given during an attack that every pit bull will pass the TT.

    I think the trigger list could be shaved down to just one thing-
    "Life" is what triggers a pit bull.

  6. One of the dogs' owners, Steve Klemetti, spoke out in the media and blamed the victim for the attack. He said the dogs killed her because she was wearing a ponytail, and ponytails looks like chew toys. Then he spent the rest of the interview feeling sorry for himself about his pit bulls being euthanized.

    This was at

    I hope there are some charges brought against the owners, because it's clear that they don't care one bit about the woman dying or her loved ones losing her. They only care about themselves and the killer dogs.

    Oh, and a new pit bull trigger is "wearing a ponytail".

  7. A horrific tragedy – I'm stunned that being present the owner couldn't do something to save her friend. A person should not own pets they cannot or will not control; it's their responsibility to protect the safety of others. And the lack of remorse from the husband is strange and infuriating. In the photos of the article you linked to the dogs look powerful, but not like pit bulls I've seen. I own a dog that looks much like the dog on the left. He's a mutt/ boxer/boston terrier according to dna tests.

  8. I can't imagine what went through this poor womans mind as she was ripped apart and knew the owner was not going to save her What a horrible way to go. MANSLAUGHTER CHARGES NEED TO BE FILED.

  9. Steve Klemetti is really going at it (he posted a comment on the latest news article, but, but, "it says in the article, they were not Pitbulls" according to his statement only). Klemetti is not your average Maul Talk Term, though he certainly has features of many terms, including, Defeated Nutter Syndrome (DNS), Nutterdom, Narcipitism, Pitplexia, Stockholm Nutter (obviously it was he who was the "influencer" in his wife's "rocky boat" decision to put the dogs down; he did NOT want the dogs put down even though they also attacked his wife). This horrific fatality does give "Mutant-sitting" new meaning as well, such as "Premeditated mutant-sitting." Steve Klemetti is still a wild card at this point for a perfectly suitable Maul Talk Term, do share any ideas if you have some.


    Steve Klemetti · Top Commenter · Baker College of Muskegon
    As it says in the article, they were not Pitbulls. Where did people even get the idea they were? The inaccurate news reports circulating?
    Pictures of Pitbulls here in this link do not look at all like the dogs in the article.
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · 3 hours ago

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