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6 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Washington, Georgia Woman Killed in Dog Attack

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how many death-by-dog fatalities are NOT reported. There HAS to be more than 45 americans killed every year by dogs.

    Not that I want such a thing to happen, of course.

  2. "I "generously" estimate we capture about 70%."

    Interesting – would you apply that same ratio to maulings and other serious injuries?

    One thing I hear about often are parents who do not obtain medical assistance for their child after a dog bite – they are trying to protect the dog, usually, or simply don't want to get into trouble with child protective services or the like.

  3. An old high school friend told me she had to get rid of her pitbull which was such a great dog cause it got into a fight with a raccoon and it had not been vacinnated so they had to put it down. I found out later the dog bit her sisters child in the face and then ran out into the road and was hit by a car. Stories like this are not reported to the news as its all in the family. Then there was the Memorial Day Weekend attack in my town that the police deliberately covered up. I think we are lucky if we get 50 percent of the attacks as only the attacks that go over the police scanner as "dog attacks" get the news reporters attention.

  4. My daughter was on a ride along with EMS this day. Thankfully, she was never allowed out of the ambulance and was taken back to school immediately. She did not see the injuries.
    Unfortunately, two days later she witnessed our rescued pit bull severely attack me, which I was lucky to survive.
    We are convinced he was used for dog fighting and then dumped. Dog fighting is a huge problem in this small town.

  5. Thank goodness they did not allow her out of the ambulance. Oh my gosh, you were attacked two days later by your own rescued pit bull? What happened? Was it a dog from the county shelter? Yes, the area has had dogfighting activity for some years, though it seems authorities do not like to admit this.

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