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16 thoughts on “Criminal Trial: Babysitter Found Guilty After Pit Bull Kills Visiting Baby in Dayton, Ohio

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  1. Dayton scores again.

    I wonder if this dog has any 'record' with Dayton AC, either from complaints or 'adoption'.

  2. B Cazz, I was reading an article on this mauling death just a few minutes ago. The pit bull attacked a leashed Beagle in June. What the hell is Mark Kumpf doing in Dayton? He is a liability to Montgomery County and he is a liability to the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association.

  3. Attacks a dog in June; kills a kid in July. When is AC going to catch on that animal aggression is related to human aggression?

  4. If I was the owner of that leashed beagle, I would be pressing charges and filing a civil suit.

  5. ANother sweet baby lost to the jaws of the mauler. RIP sweet baby.

    Dayton Ohio- get rid of Kumpf.

    Another death, another child, another Dayton incident that could have been avoided had AC actually protected the public.

    Though, to be fair, AC all over the USA prefer to protect dogs and pits, than people these days. These prior attacks, while not surprising, would not have led to any different response elsewhere, they would have been blown off just the same. This is why we have to go back to city run AC, no more humane societies.

  6. Not to worry, Kumpfy is on the job.

    I mean, pit nuts need not worry…

  7. @RSM: Government-run AC is no panacea. Here in Pima County, Arizona, the Pima Animal Care Center has been infiltrated by animal rights extremists who care more about dangerous dogs than people. And Animal Care is part of our county health department. Methinks that they are derelict in their duty to protect the public health and safety.

  8. ^True, it seems the nuts have infiltrated all the AC departments these days, and put even dangerous dogs above people. And you cannot sue a city, though you ought to be able to when they are so derelict. Its worse here when humane societies take over, but nutters are nutters no matter where they find themselves.

    We need to go back to PUBLIC SAFETY FIRST, not animal welfare. Let the humane societies deal with that stuff, and let AC do what they are supposed to- control animals and protect people.

    Its not called Animal UN Control these days for nothing!

  9. This dog should have been removed and euthanized after it attacked the beagle.

    Nearly every pit bull that has mauled or killed a child has a previous history of attacking other dogs. It's a red flag for trouble.

    Certainly the dog should have been euthanized after attacking the mail carrier

    There is NO training class on earth that stops these attacks by dangerous dogs or stops this kind of aggressive behavior. The Montgomery animal shelter simply enabled this child's death, and they should have faced litigation for certifying this dog "cured.".

    People need to oppose these second chances and empty training classes in their communities. It is just dangerous dog enabling.

  10. As I read more articles, I realized that this is MARK KUMPF'S territory

    Mark Kumpf runs animal control in Montgomery County and has failed to address dangerous dog issues again and again, and people have died as a result (not to mention the many pets killed and injured).

    He has worked with Animal Farm Foundation and made appearance for them.

    Even after the history of this dog, Kimiko Hardy's public defender tried to get the charges dismissed because Mark Kumpf and the Montgomery County animal control department NEVER declared the dog dangerous.

    They protected this dangerous dog and this criminal owner to the end, till they killed a child, and they set up a situation where this criminal owner might have gotten away with this crime because of their failure to enforce laws and follow the rules.

    "Montgomery County assistant prosecutor Lynda Dodd filed a motion intending to reference both previous incidents involving Hardy’s dog, including the warnings and education she received.

    Souther also filed motions seeking for a dismissal of the case and to prevent prosecutors from terming Hardy’s dog as “vicious” or “dangerous” because the dog wasn’t labeled that way by any court prior to the incident."

  11. The poor baby. The later stories on his killing and the trial have largely overlooked the pit's attack on a dog about a month earlier, but the initial stories mentioned it and quoted the beagle's owner as saying she wished something had been done earlier (ie, after her dog's attack) which would have prevented the attack on the baby. It amazes me how much violence a dog can show and still be handed back to the owner. Worse, with the full support of the 'humane' community, which is wedded to the idea that 'dog aggression' exists as a special, isolated behavior which has no connection to the dog being aggressive with people. Yet in news story after story, a dog which shows extraordinary violence to humans has a history of attacks on animals. It seems as if stronger laws regulating attacks on animals would help reduce the number of attacks on humans.

  12. I'm glad grandma got convicted on all counts. I hope she serves the maximum sentence. I also hope MAYBE it sends a message to other pit owners. (Wishful thinking on my part I know.)

  13. The claim of "dog aggression does not equal human aggression" is anthropomorphizing. They are implying that the dog has the same level of discernment and agency as a human being. Thing is, as soon as it actually attacks somebody, all of a sudden it's "just a dog".

    This nonsense is going to continue until everyone realizes that a dog is NOT a person, is not intelligent in any meaningful way, and as such cannot be held to the same standards. You can't assume that it's going to value a human life over the life of another animal.

    This is an interesting topic, I may blog more about it later.

  14. Not to detract from the tragedy of this baby's horrific death, but I CANNOT BELIEVE that Mark Kumpf gets paid over $80K/year. The guy in the ice cream truck who plays a tune and sells treats to kids in the summertime provides more public service for the community than this callous incompetent ideologue asshole who is making an extremely comfortable wage for, essentially, not doing his job.

  15. These courses on "responsible dog ownership" are useless and worthless when it comes to a dangerous dog. They are worse than a waste of time. They are an illusion that things are ok, a claimed warrantee that the problems have been fixed,when they are not.

    Just a money maker for somebody, and a pretense.

    Oppose them completely if anyone tries to sidestep the dangerous dog declarations or euthanasia with this nonsense. This is how people and pets die.

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