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6 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Toddler Dies After Attack by Family Pit Bull While Under Grandmother's Care

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  1. I betcha most of the time (95% + of the time) there IS a history of past aggression.

    Why was it not reported? It is not reported (most of the time) because we are all conditioned to love Fido no matter what (and that includes inbred fighting dogs) and that all complainants are total cranks.

    Thus, something that could have EASILY been avoided turns into a tragedy. No one gives these incidents a second glance until someone is killed.

    Let me give an analogy. A perp with a firearm is routinely threatening neighbors with his gun, even shooting at them (but missing). What to do? In the current regime, using a firearm as a tool of intimidation is NOT tolerated. However, using your dog for same is completely legit! Why? Because dogs and dog owners can never dog wrong.

    Imagine there is no heaven, and that gun owners are only prosecuted when their victims are killed outright. Oh, wait.. not even then… is Andrew Nason, the murderer of Klonda Richey in Jail? No?! Of course not! He used a DOG as a weapon! He is free to terrorize his new neighbors with whatever canine weapon he chooses. BSL? He will just choose the most dangerous dog not on the blacklist.

    Get to the core of the problem, people… dogs are not sacred animals and dog owners are not high Priests. Lets crack down on these foul beasts and their scumbag owners NOW.

  2. Nailed it, Animal Uncontrol. The unquestioned worship of dogs is at the root of many of our canine-related problems.

  3. Jonathon Banta, the neighbor, good samaritan should be nominated for some national award for courage. PResident OBAMA should give this guy a courage award. What can we do to get this hero among us some well-deserved applause for having the internal fortitude, spine, strength, etc., to do what he did?

  4. I noticed there hasn't been much added to this story as compared to Javon Dade which happened only a couple of days later and caught the attention of all the media in a major metropolitan area (Miami). However, just from a little internet snooping, it was easy to find that Deriah's father, at least within the past 8 years, was into pit bull breeding just like Javon's. The photos of this little girl online are so adorable, she looked like a bright little light. So sorry for her family.

  5. I am happy to read the blog update.

    I can not even imagine having to do crate and rotate between a dog and a child. It is inevitable that the dog will "somehow" get out or someone forgets to lock it up.

    Why anyone would put their child at risk like this is beyond me.

    It will not bring this child back but maybe, just maybe someone else might not be so cavalier with their childs life.

    The parents are of course playing victim on their go fund me page in their response to the comments.
    Like they never saw this coming…
    Right and that is why you would lock the dog away in a room.

  6. Good. Glad they are being prosecuted for this. I hope they get nailed to the wall. They knew that dog was a threat and continued to put its life above the well-being of their daughter, now she's dead. I would say shame on them, but clearly they have no shame and are begging for money to defend themselves. Pathetic, worthless excuses for parents. The poor kid deserved better.

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