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3 thoughts on “Family Dog Attack: 'Gripper' Breed Pack Attack Leads to Devastating Near Fatal Injuries

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  1. You'll surely get a lot of flack for offending delicate sensibilities by posting these photographs. It's important that you've chosen to. The general public needs to see what it is we're talking about when we talk about attacks by these gripping bulldog types. The entire pseudo-scientific community needs to start feeling blowback from the non-corrupted about calling this kind of injury a simple 'dog bite'.

    This is why discussion of the issue needs to be taken out of the hands of the so-called 'animal behaviorist' clique that rules at most universities and needs to be put into the hands of medical doctors, pediatric surgeons, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, and therapists who help people deal with devastating psychological trauma. Objective people and people interested in real science, unlike these animal science whores.

    I will name names here. The veterinary and animal behavior peer-review system is failing miserably in this issue. Huge amounts of pseudo-science are being published by them. The system is failing because people like Karen Overall, Ilana Reisner, Randall Lockwood, James Serpell, Victoria Voith and their ilk are in control of deciding what does and doesn't get published regarding dog aggression. They and their careerist ilk wave their PhDs around even as they commit scientific fraud and force anyone who wants to join their DVM or PhD club to commit the same fraud.

    One of the frauds they commit is calling this kind of injury a 'bite', then saying it's been scientifically proven that dachshunds bite the most (Serpell). By doing this, they purposely mix up two entirely different variables, a scientific mortal sin. They purposely ignore real world statistics, choosing to trade empiricism in for their fantasy world (which they are paid to impose on the rest of us). They will prevent anyone who does portray reality in a research report from publishing, from getting the degree, from getting a teaching position anywhere. This is fraud, it's a scandal, and it's time to stop them.

    The images of what gripping bulldogs do have been hidden from the public for too long. I'm thankful that you've decided not to enable this sold-out DVM / PhD clique by going along with their 'bite' obfuscation. These photos show that this clique is on the edge of insanity (or delusional, if you like). It's time to break their stronghold on the issue. One of the ways to achieve this is to show the real variable we're talking about, the one they are trying so hard to hide. Gripping bulldogs do not deliver dachshund 'bites'.

    Thank you for your courage, yet again.

  2. Then a point for lawmakers and law enforcement. Where any state has a 'one free bite' rule, that should mean that after the first bite every succeeding bite counts as another one. Dogs like the grippers that executed this attack should be considered to have used up the one free bite the instant they delivered the second ripping, shearing, dismembering bite.

    It's unclear to me why — even if you do call these catastrophic injuries a dachshund-like 'bite'– 45 bites (and in many cases hundreds) would legally be considered one free one.

  3. @ Sputnik. Both of your comments were excellent. Thank you for being specific as far as the people who are preventing the general public from getting the full truth about gripper dogs and the differences in their attacks.
    Also, your point about a singular bite verses multiple bites in a biting incident is something we should all be talking to our representatives about. There is a difference in a dog that bites and the resulting injury requires a bandaid or maybe 1-2 stitches verses a dog that attacks in a way that leaves injuries like pictured in this story. The dog that inflicted minor injury might be salvageable ( with lots of training/testing and lifetime supervision), but any dog that inflicts severe injury shouldn't be allowed back into society. Automatic euthanasia for dogs that inflict severe injury during an uprovoked attack even if it's their first biting incident.

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