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6 thoughts on “ Featured as Guest Columnist in Support of Pit Bull Bans -- Orlando Sentinel

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  1. Elliebird, we deeply grieve for your innocent nephew and your family members. This is a horrifying attack that will have significant long-term implications. All supporters pray that he is able to keep his leg and to recover over time.

    Your beloved nephew and family members are in our hearts and prayers.

  2. My three year old nephew was attacked by a pit bull yesterday. He sustained horrible injuries. He has puncture wounds throughout his body, particularly in the pelvic areaa. The dog completely consumed the child's left buttock and bit his
    Leg, severing the tibia. There is a 50-50 chance he will lose the leg. He is now running a fever. We are praying with everything we have.

    These horrors need to stop. Yes, they can be beautiful animals so are lions and tigers but we do not routinely expose the public to them. The liability should be so great that on one would own one, I do not think prison time would be unwarranted when someone is so greviously injured.

    • My thoughts are with you and your family. It is inexcusable that attacks like this happen every day.

  3. Elliebird, we all wish great strength to your nephew, your family and you to cope with and overcome this horrific attack.

    Your nephew doesn't deserve this – your family doesn't deserve this.

    You are so right that the liability should be so great that no one can own them.

  4. Elliebird, I am so sorry. I can't think of anything else to say/write that can elaborate upon that sentiment with dignity. I have no words.

    I wish for the best for him, and you and his other family.

  5. It is supposed to be completely illegal to own these dogs in Ontario Canada. I live in Toronto and I see unneutered un muzzled Pit bulls almost every week, sometime two a day. I saw two full on Pit bulls at a family Street Festival last week, one was unleashed.
    So they are coming out of the closet again. And police just walk past owners and don't do anything.

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