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6 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Fresno County Man Mauled to Death by Pack of Pit Bulls

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  1. The pit bull owner needs to be charged with the death, and the killer dogs need to be put down. Will justice be done, or will this be another case of a criminally negligent pit bull owner getting a slap on the wrist?

    Will the pit bulls be put down, or will they be "rescued" and shuffled to another location, record wiped clean, and adopted out into an unsuspecting community?

  2. Do we know if the dogs belonged to someone in the area? Or this yet another dog pack that's been allowed to run free and menace anyone and everyone?

  3. I just read an update that said the dogs were found in the house with blood on them, but the woman returning home from work found the man apparently near death or dead. It makes me wonder how much time had passed and did the owners not see this blood on these dogs?

  4. This is an off-property attack in California along with the elements that you mention. Note how quick 1.) Police knew this was a fatal dog mauling 2.) Found the culprit dogs…

  5. So just how is it that the nutters like to spout animal aggression is not like human aggression.

    Those of us with a brain understand that prey drive is prey drive and it can easily be directed to whatever the dog chooses as its prey.

    The neighbors were too scared to make a big deal about the dogs killing neighborhood pets. I wonder how they sleep at night.

    I do not doubt for a second that the man-biter/killer bred litter of puppies will get "rescued", since everyone wants to disregard genetics.

  6. Nothin to see here, just makin a little tax free money breedin' mankilling pits!

    Oh well, hose the blood off the driveway and pump out another litter.

    In the US, Pit Bulls have now killed 81 Americans over the past 4years.

    Remember the good old days back around the last CDC report in 1998? The entire US population of dogs only killed 18 per year.

    There needs to be some splainin' at the CDC…

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