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6 thoughts on “San Diego County Pit Bull Responsible for Death of 4-Year Old Tijuana Girl

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  1. "LT Dan" needs a new line of work outside the Public Safety Sector.

    Bite rate for San Diego were recently released and the numbers for Pit Bulls are not defendable:

    San Di-Letgo-my-leggo, CA Bite rate data:

    Highest rate in the analysis:
    Pit bull, 8.85 bites per 100 pit bulls

    “Pit bull” does not include the American Staffordshire terrier, which had 2.37 bites per 100.Pit bulls had by far the highest rate of reported bites — almost three times more than the next highest breed’s.

    Second-highest rate in the analysis:
    Rottweiler, 3.03 bites per 100 rottweilers

    An average rate in the analysis:
    Bichon frise, 1.57 bites per 100 bichons frises

    Lowest rates in the analysis:
    Pug, 0.35 bites per 100 pugs
    Golden retriever, 0.34 bites per 100 golden retrievers

    Source: San Diego County Department of Animal Services

    PS! Added Bonus: Now that Bill Bruce has retired in Calgary the truth is coming out:

    Calgary data from 2003 indicate that certain breeds are overrepresented when it comes to aggressive incidents such as bites, chases and injuries. Nearly two per cent of German Shepherds, five per cent of Rottweilers and their crosses, and 15 per cent of pit bulls had been involved in an incident


  2. Four dead by Pit Bull from one community in one year and they don't find this alarming?

    I wonder what other product produced from one location would be allowed to kill four people and not have some sort of a recall or at the very least have local authorities screaming at the top of their lungs. Instead we get pandering and humaniac statements about "its all how you raise them".
    I could no more love out my dogs instinct to herd then I could win the Miss America contest.

    It saddens me that the human and animal toll rises on a daily basis and it is simply because our governments are failing to protect us.

    I think the only thing officials will ever respond to is if there are huge lawsuits with huge settlements. Deceased and maimed people and pets obviously do not matter to them.

  3. Boy, Tijuana sure doesn't mess around. The sisters get arrested. Grandfather make face criminal charges. Official says that pit bulls are aggressive by nature.

    And, get this, there isn't an outcry of aggrieved rescue angels. I guess that, in Mexico, the word "rescue" is reserved for humans in danger.

    Mexico, I like your style.

  4. My son was 6yrs old when he was mauled by my neighbors pitbull. My neighbors pit lived with her and her two children ages 6yrs and 8yrs. I watched her grand babies walk & pull on the pit & he just layed there. So when she was at the hospital with her son who had sezures, i thought it would be fine to bring her dog to my place. The second day the pit was at my house my son and four of his friends were kneeling around the coffie table playing legos. I was standing near my son the pit for no reason jumped on my son and started bitting his head. I grabbed the pits collar and pulled with all my strength. It took me two mins to pull him off my son. My son got up and locked himself into the bathroom. I secured the pit and ran to my son but he was so terrfied he wouldn't unlock the door. Finally i convensed him the pit was locked up and he opened the door. I was horrified about what i saw. My son was standing there with blood everywhere and a peice of his face between his eye and scalp was missing. When we got to the hospital was when we learned all of his injuries. Beside the missing skin he had several laserations on his head. I believe my son is only alive because i was standing close enough to get the pit off before he could kill him. This pit was a family dog and unpevoked. I now believe pitbulls have no place in this world. At the least there should be a law that pitbull owners should not have children in there presents.

  5. Ms. Elliott, I hope your son has healed well.

    Thank you for sharing your private, personal story. It is touching and very informative.

    I wish you and your son all the best.

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