2012 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Killed by Dogs in Charleston County

Ja'Marr Tiller, 2-years old, was killed by two dogs in Charleston County. Killed by Dogs UPDATE 06/05/12: The two dogs initially seized by authorities are the dogs that killed Ja'Marr. A forensic dentist examined photos and bite mark impressions, and compared them to plaster casts made of the dogs' teeth. Charleston County Coroner Rae Wooten said the impressions are consistent. Wooten said she might convene a coroner’s inquest to determine who, if anyone, owns the dogs an… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Person County Authorities Charge Pit Bull Owner

From left, victim Eugene Cameron, DNA linked pit bull and the dog owner, Antonio Ford. Dog Owner Charged UPDATE 08/16/12: Person County deputies arrested Antonio Ford Thursday and charged him with involuntary manslaughter after investigators said his pit bull was responsible for the death of a 65-year old man. In late May, Eugene Cameron was found dead of an apparent dog mauling near Ford's home. In addition to involuntary manslaughter, Ford is charged with obstruction o… [Read full blog post]

National Dog Bite Prevention Week (May 20-26, 2012)

The Good, The Perverse and The Uplifting DogsBite.org - Last year during National Dog Bite Prevention Week, we noted that there is no National Dog Mauling Prevention Week, an even weightier public health matter than dog bites. The tips and tricks offered up during this national week to prevent a dog bite hardly address horrific dog maulings, mainly inflicted by pit bulls, which will attack indiscriminately and continue attacking until shot to death or nonlethal human inte… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Ohio Newborn Killed by Family Pit Bull-Mix

The pit bull seen in quarantine at the Allen County pound (video/Hometown Stations). Blade Republishes UPDATE 05/21/12: After pulling their first story, the Toledo Blade, we refer to as the Yellow or Biased Toldeo Blade, republished under a new title. This news entity has a long history of not just pushing the pro-pit bull cause, but was instrumental in bringing down former Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon and ensuring the passage of legislation that repealed Ohio's lon… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman Dies After October Pit Bull Attack

Numerous Surgeries Surprise, AZ - An elderly woman badly mauled by two pit bulls last year has died. Maryann Hanula, then 72-years old, was in her front yard on October 10, when the attack occurred. The two pit bulls, a male and female, escaped a gated yard on the same street. When neighbors tried to rescue Maryann, the dogs turned on them. Another neighbor -- an off-duty Phoenix police officer -- shot and killed both dogs. Most of the woman's right foot was gone before medics arri… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Pet Pit Bull Mauls to Death 74-Year Old Owner in Santa Fe

Clifford Wright seen with his son Gavin in a November 27, 2002 photo. Dog Euthanized UPDATE 05/08/12: In the continuing saga of Gavin Wright, who initially hoped to spare family the pit bull after it brutally killed his father, allowed authorities to euthanize the dog today. On Monday, KOB.com released parts of the 911 call that offers more insight into Gavin. "Don't make me (expletive) repeat myself again ... My dog got a hold of him somehow," he said. It is possible that yeste… [Read full blog post]