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10 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Killed by Dogs in Charleston County

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  1. I would look very closely at the dog – I am very suspicious when a breed is named which does not match the behavior of the dog. I've noticed stories recently where a dog was said to be some sort of mix, when an image of the animal showed it clearly to be a pit bull. If the people reporting the breed are pit pushers, they will do anything to throw other dog breeds under the bus.

  2. From the news story:

    The dogs, a female black labrador-shepherd mix and a female brindle labrador-shepherd mix, were taken from the home by Charleston County Animal Control

    To which I say:

    I will bet you money that the "labrador" in the mix is actually pit bull. Hate to say it, but a lot of pit nutters like to call their dogs "lab mixes" as a way of deflecting attention.

    As for the brindle mix? Well, folks, ain't no such thing as a brindle shepherd or lab. So, guess where the brindle came from? If you're guessing "pit bull," well, ding-ding-ding, we have a winner.

  3. What an adorable looking boy.

    This is in the same area, the "greater Charleston" area, that the previous "lab/golden" mix just killed a baby. and now a brindle lab/shepherd.

  4. What kind of lab or shepherd comes in BRINDLE? Really?

    "a female black lab shepherd mix and a BRINDLE female lab and shepherd mix".

    I cringe whever someone describes their dogs as a lab-mix.

  5. Almost unknown outside Holland, the Dutch Shepherd is valued there for its ability as a herder and for its quick reflexes. Originally an all-purpose farm guard, herder, cart-puller, guard, police and security dog. This breed, in its various coat textures, evolved in the early 1800's in the southern part of the Netherlands… – The Wikipedia page calls a brindle Malinois a "throwback."

  6. Rarely seen even in Holland. If you've got one you're not going to mix it with anything.

  7. A "yard dog" and "dogs that didn't belong to anyone" always brings to mind some type of dark chow-mix to me. Interesting that they were both females. I can't imagine they were spayed. Can't wait to see who the "bite experts" are…

  8. Zero tolerance for loose dogs.

    Strays are unacceptable, because the result is death and injury, either by attack such as this, or by the spread of disease.

    Strays are to be picked up by animal control, and if your commuunity refuses to do it, push the issue with the health board and go to the highest authority. Document everything. Go as high as you need to go, so that a life like this sweet child's can be SAVED.

    If someone is feeding strays they are making the problem worse and endangering everyone. Push the issue and get it stopped.

    Realize too that some people falsely claim that dogs that have attacked were strays, to avoid taking responsibility, which is why you need to document by written complaints, photos, video, etc if there is a problem. If they harbor the dog, it is theirs. Don't let them get away with deception!

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