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9 thoughts on “Irish Radio Airs Documentary of Man Mauled to Death by Pit Bulls in Malaysia

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  1. The RTE Radio 1 program is VERY powerful. I cannot verbalize my response to it, it touches my soul to hear the story from the partner and the family. Every surviving victim says the same thing "nobody should have to go through this." Some victims do not survive.

  2. It is an extremely powerful piece the celebrates Maurice's life, the people he loved and who loved him and his love for the country of Malaysia. It's clear that he and Agnieszka knew right away the danger the dogs posed. How surprised they must have been that a "Malaysian organic farmer" kept a dog breed that's banned in their homeland and many other countries? The part about Agnieszka being sent back to the house and having to sidestep one of the attacking pit bulls is simply unbearable. That it took 7 months to put the two dogs down, simply unbearable. That the Teohs are without a doubt breeding the two remaining pit bulls, simply unbearable…

  3. i agree, this is an incredible example of journalism. it should be the norm, not the exception. you will never see this in the united states.

    call me a crazy intolerant hater but anyone who owns a dog that murders should NEVER be allowed to own dogs again. and anyone with real a conscience would NOT want those dogs back or even walking the earth after what was done to Maurice.
    welcome to planet psychopath.

    snack, i had to giggle when i read "hospitality". i can't see anyone having a legitimate claim to "hospitality" when part of the welcome wagon is four gripping dogs.

  4. I agree that this is apowerful story. Learning who the victims were makes it all the more heartbreaking.

    The one thing that keeps ringing in my ear is that the Teohs were part of a culture that valued hospitality.

    There are so many heartbreaking and vile elements to this story, it is hard to make sense of it.

    I wish there were a hell for the Teohs. They are disgusting, heartless people.

  5. Authorities usually kill wild animals immediately after an attack, even when it occurs in its own "ideal" habitat. Such animals have no expectation of EVER acting domesticated. Still though, they're killed all the time after these attacks.

    Mountain lion killed after attack on boy
    The juvenile female lion was found protecting her prey – the family's dog. Members of the search party fired several shots from handguns and a rifle and killed the lion.

    Polar bear mauls scientist to death
    The man was a crew member of a meteorological station at the Heiss Island in the Franz Josef Land in Russia’s frozen north…The beast attacked him right on the trail.

    Fully domesticate "companion" dogs that savagely attack and kill human beings under unprovoked circumstances, however, get court hearings, breeding rights, walking tickets and the support of "animal cruelty" organizations…

  6. Excellent point Maultalk.

    In fact, people often say, maybe the pit bull was just playing to excuse the pit bull's behavior and suggest it should not be put down. This is creepy. We have animals in our midst that play with children like terriers will play with rats.

    "more info please…..the dog could have been playing, sometimes dogs don't realize how big they are. If he wanted to kill her he would have…"

  7. I think the victim's sister nailed things: It's all about the dogs. We humans no longer matter.

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