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10 thoughts on “2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Two-Week Old Baby Killed by Family Pit Bull-Mix

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  1. It means the dog is a pit bull-mix. The sheriff's office likely got the description from the dog's owners — aka pit bull owners — who intentionally labeled the animal an infamous "lab-mix" instead of a pit bull-mix. Animal control identified the dog as a pit bull; that's what matters the most.

  2. 36th Texan killed by a Pit…24th since the State Legislature protected the Tax Free Economy of Pit breeders, Dog Fighters and Pit Bull Advocacy Groups in 1990.

    So now we have 74 Pit DBRFs between Texas and California. Can I get a "BSL Never Works" Hallelujah?!?

  3. i just saw this fatality in chili on dogsbite decatur, al. so much for "never leave your kids alone with any dog". nanny dogs can't be trusted if you are holding your child. so, does anyone know of any other breed/type of dog that has killed a child while being held in their mother's arms?

  4. The rottenmaulers do it, though very rare…In this case too, she was bending down. Pit bulls will leap up to snatch a child from its mother's arms!

    Cassandra Garcia, 16-months old, was ripped from her mother's arms by a male rottweiler owned by her grandparents. Her mother, Blanca Garcia, had been house-sitting for her parents when she took her daughter outside to fill the dog's water dish. With the toddler in one arm, she bent down to fill the dish and the dog instantly attacked.

  5. Yesterday, the Harris County sheriff clarified the killer's breed…Apparently, the killer broke through a baby gate to get to the infant.

    "The dog is a large pit bull. More than 100 pounds. It is unknown now how the dog got access to the child. It appears precautions were taken to prevent this, but it occurred anyway," said Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Dennis Wolfford.

    Read more:

    Manslaughter charges please…at this point there is no excuse for a Pit Bull DBRF…Especially in Texas!

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