2011 Dog Bite Fatality: 'Loving Dog' Kills Visiting Baby in Chesterfield County

Meet Polar, the deaf pit bull-American bulldog mix baby killer.1 No Charges UPDATE 07/13/11: Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that charges will not be sought following the death of Salvador Cotto. Chesterfield County Police Department issued a news release today stating that a "thorough police investigation" and discussions with prosecutors led to the decision. After the Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the cause of the boy's death, "cerebral edema due to a dog bi… [Read full blog post]

Justice for Lincoln Park Fatal Dog Attack Victim Finally Emerges

From left: Kyle Holland, wolf hybrid, Debralynn Holland and Earl Adkins. Criminal Charges Filed Lincoln Park, MI - Nearly a year ago, we reported on the death of 5-year old Kyle Holland who was killed by a dog owned by his mother's boyfriend (See: Activist Seeks Justice for Kyle Holland After Fatal Dog Mauling and 2010 Fatality: Boyfriend's Dogs Suspected in Death of 5-Year Old). Since Kyle's brutal death, the investigation has lurched along at the pace of a snail. Imagine our… [Read full blog post]

1999 Dog Bite Fatality: Savannah Boy Killed by Pit Bull; Father Reflects Upon Attack

Roger Eugene Dukes archived Savannah, GA - In the aftermath of a pit bull mauling that left 7-year old Javon Roberson with permanent disfiguring injuries and potentially life long facial paralysis, the father of a child killed by a pit bull twelve years ago from the same area emerged. Roger Eugene Quarterman spoke frankly with Savannah Morning News this past weekend and offered vivid details about the attack that took his son's life in February of 1999. "He would have been 18 n… [Read full blog post]

Founder Colleen Lynn Reflects Upon Four Year Anniversary of Her Attack

Attack Date: June 17, 2007 DogsBite.org - It's not easy to write about your own violent dog attack. Who could know this better than I do, the voice of DogsBite.org? Usually, I write in third person, but not today. Four years ago today, an event forever altered my life, including all of the environments, activities and personal and business relationships within it. The event was an unprovoked assault by a leashed pit bull on a public street. At the time, I was just a few blocks away… [Read full blog post]