2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Spanaway Woman Attacked by Pit Bulls Dies from Injuries

Cause of Death UPDATE 11/07/13: The Seattle Times reported earlier today that the Pierce County Medical Examiner's Office said 65-year old Nga Woodhead died of a heart attack brought on by "extremity contusions, lacerations and fractures due to dog bites." The Pierce County Sheriff's Department plans to recommend prosecutors file criminal charges against the owner of the pit bulls, Santiago Quecada. "They were his dogs," spokesman Ed Troyer said, "They should have bee… [Read full blog post]

1999 Dog Bite Fatality: Savannah Boy Killed by Pit Bull; Father Reflects Upon Attack

Roger Eugene Dukes archived Savannah, GA - In the aftermath of a pit bull mauling that left 7-year old Javon Roberson with permanent disfiguring injuries and potentially life long facial paralysis, the father of a child killed by a pit bull twelve years ago from the same area emerged. Roger Eugene Quarterman spoke frankly with Savannah Morning News this past weekend and offered vivid details about the attack that took his son's life in February of 1999. "He would have been 18 n… [Read full blog post]