2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Victim of Catastrophic Pit Bull Injury Dies on Christmas Eve

New Charges Filed UPDATE 01/18/12: Authorities filed new charges against the owners of two pit bulls that savagely mauled a woman, who later died from her injuries. The new charges against Alba Cornelio and her daughter, Carla Cornelio, include involuntary manslaughter and death from a mischievous animal. Both pleaded not guilty. In a previous court hearing, their defense attorney, Donovan Dunnion, claimed that the dogs were "running away from a swarm of bees" at the tim… [Read full blog post]

1911 Pit Bull Terrier Depicted as ‘Outcast American’ to Victimize the Breed

Pit Bull Breeder Pushes ‘Pit to Home’ Chas. Werner, and his pit bull terrier, Brindle Breaker, The Dog Fancier, 1911 New Orleans, LA - In this 1911 Dog Fancier advertisement, pit bull breeder Chas. Werner reflects how Americans feel about the breed: "Our Ideal Dog the Outcast American" (note handwriting on dog photo). "Outcast" is intended as a pitying label and also represents two other issues. One, by 1911, pit bulls were feared by the public due to their dangerous fighting… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Lowndes County Woman Killed by Pit Bull

Misti Wyno, 40-years old, was attacked and killed by a pit bull in Valdosta, GA. Neighbors Speak Out UPDATE 12/09/11: WCTV reports that Misti and the neighbors who owned the pit bull were "close." Bobbie Joe Courson owns the pit bull that killed Misti, along with three other pit bulls. James Sharp, whose 5-year old son was bitten by one of Courson's pit bulls in September, said: "I've even told the district attorneys and everybody at the aggressive dog hearing, if these dogs get… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: White County Man Mauled to Death by Pet Pit Bull

Joseph Hines, 58-years old of Burnettsville, was killed by his pet pit bull. Defensive Injuries UPDATE 12/08/11: New details have been released in the fatal dog mauling of Joseph Hines. The coroner said the man died when his pit bull bit into his jugular vein. He had defensive bite wounds on his forearms too, showing that he had tried to fend off the animal. Neighbor Brad Holcomb said the victim was always friendly and that his dog was as well. Authorities have no idea why the "hea… [Read full blog post]