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11 thoughts on “Ontario Gets it Right, Again: Denies Cesar Millan's Pit Bull Entry into Province

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  1. It is a sign of Millan's fading celebrity that he is putting himself in the position of pulling publicity stunts for dog fighters and pit bull breeders.

    This is all this is- a publicity stunt to please that constituency so they'll keep buying his merchandise and making him rich.

    Millan only has the fighting dog breeders left, since his reputation is so generally bad otherwise.

    One of the worst things he has done is falsely told people they can just let a pit bull near a cat ot small dog, say no a few times, and the pit bull is cured of high prey drive. A total fallacy. What a cruel thing to do, and it makes the pit bull worse.

    But Millan is money-hungry. He'll do anything for a buck, and the gullible pit bull industry is easy to cheat some money out of. They want to keep abusing these dogs, and they'll do anything to prop themselves up and try to get attention.

    All Millan has done is make sure that Ontario will be receiving death threats and threats of violence from the American fighting dog industry.

  2. And unlike some PAINFULLY inept U.S. judges (Jerome Barbera III) and municipalities (Burien, WA), in Ontario, after a pit bull attacks, it is humanely euthanized. The animal is NOT sent to a "magical rehabilitation" facility (Olympic Sanctuary), the animal is NOT shipped to a different U.S. to endanger that community, the buck simply stops where it began. HURRAY FOR ONTARIO!

    The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld the destruction of Ginger, a pit bull, following a dog fight during which Ginger inflicted serious wounds on Buddy, a shepherd/collie mix, and bit Buddy’s owner, Jody McDonough, repeatedly. The Court took what amounted to a strict liability approach in R. v. Huggins, ruling that it was irrelevant whether Ginger was at fault in the incident. As the court saw it, the provincial legislature was entitled to decide that “pit bulls are inherently dangerous animals that pose a risk to public safety by their very presence in public places” and to insert a provision in the Dog Liability Act that mandates the destruction of pit bulls found to have bitten other animals or people.

  3. Pits might be less of a problem if every Pit owner had a triple fenced and professionally staffed zoo-like compound like Caesar's!

  4. It's nice to know that the wise city of Ontario does not give a damn about Millan's celebrity status. No exception! Ha ha!

  5. Hi…I am American reality show personality, Cesar Millan. Please change the laws in your country to allow me to bring my pit bulls here for a brief visit. Please do this immediately.

    What? You won't? How dare you! Where is my publicist! Pit bull owners across the globe will be boycotting Canada!

  6. "Pit bull owners across the globe will be boycotting Canada"

    And Canadians cheer!

    NO ONE wants pit bull owners anywhere near them, killing people, hurting people, threatening people, blaming the victim, running up insurance bills, running up medical bills, running up disability bills, costing and using up vast amounts of public safety resources, and making normal life an impossibility for the average, sane majority of people and their pets.

    I hope Millan DOES call for a boycott. Pit bull owners are unwanted sociopaths. Anyone who is so selfish and careless that they inflict their fighting breeds on peaceful people does not have the responsibility needed to be a visitor.

    A very few, the pit bull owners, are taking away the rights of everyone else.

  7. Wow — no big surprise that Milan pulled the "dog of the moment to hate" card. I was alive back when pit nutters claim that doberman's and shepherds were at one time the hated dog, and vilified by the media. That is just so freaking laughable. For one thing, those breeds were not killing and maiming people at the alarming rate that pit bulls are. Not even close. And, those breeds did not have the equivalent of the Pit Bull Advocacy Brigade. And back then, there was no medium like the internet, like pit nutters have today, with their scads of websites spewing forth the pit nutter talking points. I love it when nutters say, "Do the research!" and then link to pit nutter websites, as if anyone one of those nutters has done any real research besides read other blogs.

    Craven, have you considered busting apart this myth? The myth that dobermans and shepherds were once the "hated dog of the month?"

  8. The continuing utter stupidity of pit bull owners and breeders never ceases to amaze me. The stigma these people constantly deal with, and constantly whine, gripe, and moan and groan about, is well deserved in my humble opinion. From what I've seen at this website and after doing Google searches, seems the vast majority of pit bull owners are misanthropic, irresponsible, unaccountable, and they don't care about the very frightening risk they pose to a community with their mutant murderous dogs. I guess I'm asking the question, knowing what I know now, why in the Sam Hill would anybody want to own a pit bull? Why? It seems the pit bull owners first unwise decision is the decision to own a pit bull in the first place. People need to learn the facts before they make a stupid decision that's gonna get somebody killed. To conclude, there is one thing I am 100% convinced of; PIT BULLS KILL! Period! And as a father of 5, I will never be so stupid to own one.

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