Another Gruesome Attack by a ‘Grandparent’s Pet Pit Bull’ Leaves Child Disfigured

Permanent disfiguring pit bull injury suffered by Sarah Baily. Ear Attachment Fails UPDATE 04/13/11: WSBT reported yesterday that Sarah Bailey has permanently lost the ear that was bitten off by her grandfather's pit bull last month. "Doctors reattached the ear while giving Sarah blood thinners to keep it alive," explains the WSBT reporter. "But her ear recently died. The doctors were forced to remove it." The news group also reports that Sarah's mother is now facing evic… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: East Texas Child Killed by Grandfather's Pet Pit Bull

From left: Kaden Muckleroy, Rusk County officials, on property kennels and animal control. Compounded Pain UPDATE 11/11/10: reports painful news about Kaden Muckleroy's family, including that the boy's father was murdered last year. "Please Lord, we can't take no more. We just can't take it," Rosie Jordan, a cousin of Kaden, shouted out Wednesday night at the home on Rusk County Road 421 where the incident occurred. Family members said the child had been p… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Concord Child Killed by Step-Grandfather's Pit Bulls

The victim, Jacob Bisbee, and Steven Hayashi in jailhouse interview in 2010. One Year in County Jail UPDATE 07/07/14: Nearly four years after the brutal pit bull mauling death of 2-year old Jacob Bisbee, the owner of the dogs, 56-year old Steven Hayashi of Concord, was sentenced to one year in county jail and three years formal probation. Hayashi was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in April and could have been sentenced to 10-years in state prison. On July 22, 2010 Jaco… [Read full blog post]

Great-Grandmother Charged in Fatal Pit Bull Mauling of Izaiah Cox Dies Before Trial

Izaiah Cox, 7-months old, was killed by his great-grandmother's two pit bulls. Criminal Trial Averted San Antonio, TX - Last March, we reported on the fatal pit bull mauling of 7-month old Izaiah Gregory Cox. At the time of the incident, Izaiah had been at his grandmother's home. Irma Barrera had been warming a bottle for her grandson in the kitchen when her two pit bulls "broke down the baby-gate" and violently attacked the child.1 The dogs were so wired with aggression after t… [Read full blog post]