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15 thoughts on “Dutch SPCA Willing to Sacrifice Other Animals to Appease Pit Bull Fans

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  1. It's ridiculous that the Dutch government is basically bowing to the Pit Mafia. My respect for Semyonova grows every time I read anything about her. She has the courage and the experience to tell it like it is.

  2. Yes, it is so sad that the dog-fighting criminals have been so successful at partnering up with the breeders in order to further their agenda, which is, of course, keep access to their killing machines legal, so that they have always have a ready supply. It is also so sad that they have successfully indocrinated so many other people with their propaganda and outright lies. Amazing that they have been able to take the truth, and have people actually believing that the "Truths" are the "myths." Sad how they have been able to hoodwink so many rescues and shelters and A/C people into believing that they are fighting the good fight for all animal-kind. Amazing how they have been able to get such a vocal and organized following of average everyday people who join the cause because they actually believe the foolishness that pits are just lovable little wiggle butts in reality, and are only used for dog-fighting because some mean old people like to abuse them and "turn them mean."

    Kudos to Semyonova for standing her ground!

  3. Please sue, Alexandra.

    It is very clear that DOG FIGHTERS and criminals have become involved with the Dutch government.

    The ONLY people breeding these dogs are DOG FIGHTERS and CRIMINALS.

    Pit bulls are NOT pets. They are fighting dogs.

    However, Alexandra should now write a book detailing the corruption in the Dutch government, and other governments, that are working to help dog fighters prosper, and the problems with this criminal breeding and fighting industry.

  4. Alexandra, it is very possible that the SPCA is getting money from dog fighter lobbies, and may even have some dog fighters on their board. They are more than likely posing as "responsible dog breeders."

    We also have dog breeders and dog fighters using the flag and false front of No Kill to hide their lobbying and dirty deeds to protect profits.

    Here in the U.S., the Farm Board (which supports cruelty to farm animals and puppy mill dogs) is giving money to some shelters and humane organizations in hopes of "buying them off" so that humane organizations won't protest farm animal abuses and encourage regulation.

    These are criminals involved in criminal behavior trying to protect their profits from these abuses by spreading some money around.

    Please consider starting a site like Dogsbite in your country, and give a voice to the people whose relatives and pets are being killed and maimed by pit bulls!

  5. Does anyone have any information on the "pit bull fan club" in the Netherlands that is responsible for enabling these killings and attacks?

  6. A point well made and too often overlooked or minimized is the frequency, serious and deadly consequence allowing pit bulls to exist poses on all other breeds of dogs, cats, livestock, etc.

    Dogs do what they were bred to do.
    Nobody is surprised to see pointers, point.
    Should anybody be surprised to see fighters, fight?

  7. And U.S. bred fighting dogs – pit bulls – are getting sold and shipped to the Netherlands.

    This is why these pit bull breeders from other countries support each other- they are in business together!

    This is INTERNATIONAL organized crime and racketeering.

    So the Dutch prime minister is letting UNITED STATES organized crime run his show? What a joke he is.

    It is very clear that the dog fighting and pit bull breeding world have become TERRORISTS that are threatening the lives of victims of pit bulls. This is TERRORISM.

  8. As I sit here trying to regain my composure, one thought occurs and that is money talks. We're just a grass roots movement, no money. Bless her heart, she stands for what she believes at a cost. That's what we all have to do if we expect to overcome.

  9. The miserable failure of animal organizations (SPCA and Humane Societies) to deal with the pit bull problem — 1.) One million pit bulls euthanized in 2009 2.) Up to 2/3 of animal shelter space nationwide is occupied by pit bulls 3.) Countless horrific and deadly attacks by pit bulls upon pet dogs, cats, horses and livestock — cannot be measured. By failing to support breed-specific laws to correct a well-understood breed-specific problem, animal groups are sacrificing an untold number of pets that are being savagely attacked by pit bulls on a daily basis.

    By protecting pit bulls from humane regulations, such as mandatory spay/neuter, the humane community is directly responsible for the one million pit bulls euthanized in 2009, the million more in 2010, and on and on and on. As Semyonova writes, these groups have been unwilling to admit a mistake. Due to this mistake, thousands upon thousands of pets and domesticated animals will meet the worst death possible, being ripped apart by the powerful, merciless jaws of a pit bull, a breed that no one argues is highly "animal-aggressive."

    The humane community has "sold out" to the small but piercing pit bull lobby, and have thrown your cute dog named pebble into a flaming, burning trashcan. These groups DO NOT CARE that your pet may meet a grisly death by a pit bull. They care ONLY to "promote" the pit bull breed's reputation through distortions and to stop pit bull laws from being enacted. The humane community spends hoards of money FIGHTING breed-specific laws. Could this money be better spent elsewhere? Neither logic nor "true animal welfare" guides their policies regarding pit bulls.

  10. Corruption in the "humane" community can be traced back to their concern over donations, not their concern about animals. In order to do the work they do do, such as HSUS, they have to walk a thin line. When HSUS came out publically against "No Kill" in the early 90's, their donations fell dramatically, enough to cause a reversal. Sometimes they have to set priorities and those priorities can make them seem like they support something they really don't. Not good but at least it keeps their good works going. Blame "No Kill", do away with this movement and you will see the tunes changing.

  11. So this pitbull-love nonsense is going on the world over! When will it end? It's like the last great politically-incorrect subject no government officials want to touch.

  12. Back to answer some of the comments.

    @anonynmous:It is very clear that DOG FIGHTERS and criminals have become involved with the Dutch government.

    Our minister (Ms. Verburg) denied on television that she knew Gerard Kuipers, until the journalist confronted her with photos of her with him. Kuipers had an arm around her waist and her hand in his, both of them grinning, at the party celebrating the PB ban repeal. Verburg flushed and sputtered but had no explanation of why she was so cozy with someone she claimed not to know.

    @anonynmous: Please sue, Alexandra.

    This is what they are trying to provoke me to do. Then they get access to all my data — address, phone number, etc. I'd end up with something like this:
    When the mother of a PB-killed child agreed to talk to the police, the PB fans came every day until the day of the funeral and paraded up and down her street for hours WITH THEIR PBs. This was punishment for not telling the police she didn't know how her child had been killed.

    @anonynmous: Does anyone have any information on the "pit bull fan club" in the Netherlands

    It's called the UKCE and is led by Gerard Kuipers. According to the television journalists, Kuipers has convictions for various felonies. At their web site ( you'll see my name many times. These are calls to find and badger me, silence me.

    P: Corruption in the "humane" community can be traced back to their concern over donations, not their concern about animals.

    This is why I think it would be effective if donors everywhere wrote letters explaining that no more donations will be forthcoming until these orgs start suppporting BSL.

    @Positively Radical: So this pitbull-love nonsense is going on the world over!

    Dogfighting is an international scene, as is the above-ground kennel club stuff. But don't lose hope. Several European countries do have PB bans, usually including several dangerous and/or PB-type breeds. Kanton Zurich in Switzerland recently decided to implement one. Denmark is considered banning sixteen breeds.
    It's worth keeping up the good fight.

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