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13 thoughts on “Pit Bull Owner's Sister Blames Mauling on 6-Year Old Tyah Norris

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  1. Brian is hurt more than anybody over this? No, the little girl and her family are hurt more than anybody, you narcissistic piece of trash.

    Like cravendesires said, we know brian and we know what happened, and we know rebecca.

    She's saying she and her family can do whatever they want and cause trauma and horror and no one has the right to question that.

    And here's rebecca's "thought" process:

    1. rebecca knew the pit bulls were dangerous – that's why she had her daughter convey the message that they should be tied up first.

    2. rebecca decided to take care of some other business before assuring the children's safety.

    3. rebecca felt it would be safe for the children to play in a yard with 3 tied-up-because-they're-dangerous pit bulls.


    The crossing guard analogy is terrific.

  2. BRIAN is hurt more than anybody else? Yeah, I'm sure having to put down three dogs hurts WAY more than 500 staples, repaired eye and tear duct muscles, missing scalp, and missing skull pieces. Tell you what, lady, let's do that damage to you, and then you tell us which you think hurts worse? Typical pit nutter trash and their typical trash relatives. They only care about themselves.

  3. I feel SO SORRY for Nace and Russell who now find themselves in the center of a national debate about pit bulls and that the pit bull community has thrown them under the bus ("Nace was fighting those dogs and training those dogs to KILL!" The pit nutters thunder) Under the hot spotlight, Russell attempts to shift the argument to "caring about the child" and NOT caring about the dogs, as the beloved pit bulls are now dead. But, but…They can go out and buy new ones tomorrow. Tyah on the other hand, will have NO NORMAL life for the REST OF HER LIFE.

  4. Tyah's uncle once owned a pit bull that became aggressive. He got rid of it. Another reformed owner

  5. It is a sad fact that this sister of the pit bull owners is repeating some of the same things that we hear from the pit bull advocacy lobby, and even some of the organizations that have undertaken pit bull promotion.

    Supposedly educated, middle class adult people have said and done all of the things that this Rebecca Russell is saying and doing after a pit bull attack- blaming the victim, trying to get sympathy for the dogs and claim that the dogs are equivalent in importance to a human, trying to claim lack of parental supervision, and the rest.

    Even worse, some of these pit bull promoting organizations have held candlelight vigils for these fighting dogs, trying to stop euthanasia of the dogs so that the dogs can be given away or returned to the owner to attack again.

    Ms. Russell is simply repeating what she has heard from the Pit Bull advocacy lobby.

  6. What a tragic story of another childs life drastically and forever changed by Pit Bulls.
    And the comments made by the female are enough to show people why we call them nutters. I mean seriously, blaming a 6 year old for being mauled by your dogs? As bad as it hurt me to euthanize my Pit Bull, this is why I did. I would not be able to live with myself if something like this happened, and mine had too many triggers that it was bound to happen one day. Speaking from experience, the dogs just are not right in the head, and I will never look at a Pit Bull owner the same now. They, like the breed, just have some screws loose or something.

  7. The state of Michigan needs to set a precedent and send a message to all dog owners by frying these two losers.


    the judge hammered jasmine bailey today, sentencing her to 333 days for violating her probation. in 2008 she was found guilty of stealing a purse. all this loser had to do was stay clean for 3 years during her probation to have the felony expunged from her record. this was the last straw for the judge who has been cutting her slack for multiple probation violations: drinking alcohol, failing to enroll in vocational training, missing substance abuse assessments, submitting adulterated UAs, and failing to complete community service. this 333 day sentence appears to be separate from the actual charges stemming from the vicious attack on tyah norris. let's hope she doesn't see the light of day for many years.

  9. 9-15-10: One of the owners of the three pit bulls that viciously attacked a six-year-old Jackson girl will spend the next 11 months in jail. Because she is now facing a new felony charge, a Jackson County judge sentenced 19-year-old Jasmine Bailey to 333 days in jail for violating her probation on a previous case.

  10. I just found another account of the attack. It was described by AC as the three pits playing tug of war with the little girl.

    When I read how the Tyah kept repeating over and over – I'm doing fine, I'm doing fine…at the scene, I just cried.

    And she remembers everything.

    The news stories have been saying that she required 500 stitches and staples – as horrific as that is, it does not adequately describe the extent of her injuries and the repairs required.

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