U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities: January 1, 2005 to March 8, 2010 - DogsBite.org

DogsBite.org - From time-to-time, advocates and elected officials ask us for up to the minute statistical data regarding U.S. fatal dog attacks. Our combined results of just over five years show that pit bulls and rottweilers continue to be the top killers, just as they were in the 1979 to 1998 CDC report.1 During the 1980s and 1990s, fatal dog attacks averaged 17 per year.2 The death-by-dog-bite rate now is nearly double this amount at over 30 per year and largely due to pit bul… [Read full blog post]

Editorial: Lynn Journal Writes, Pit Bulls 'Love Violence and Mayhem'

Ban Pit Bulls Lynn, MA - After 76-year old Margaret Murphy was terribly mauled by her grandson's pit bull last week, the Lynn Journal published a vividly clear and honest opinion article about pit bulls including: "Pit bulls by their nature are ferocious animals. They are attack dogs -- and they often attack. They love violence and mayhem. They enjoy mauling people they do not know." Kudos to the Journal Staff for having the courage to print the truth to the American public! Ban… [Read full blog post]

Villa Teresa School Run by Carmelite Sisters Suffers Series of Vandalism

From left: Sister Veronica Higgins of Villa Teresa School and images of vandalism. Classrooms "Demolished" Oklahoma City, OK - One week after the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals ruled in favor of Villa Teresa School, challenging validity of a kennel license held by Kenneth Gonzales, owner of a neighboring pit bull terrier kennel (See: Coverage of Catholic Sisters Seeking to Remove Pit Bull Kennel), Villa Teresa School was ransacked. Parts of the school are described as "d… [Read full blog post]

Dog Bite Victims' Attorney Responds to 'Blame the Victim' Comment After Horrific Mauling

A candlelight vigil held for Jennifer on her 22nd Birthday. The Death of Jennifer Lowe DogsBite.org - From time-to-time we publish a "blame the victim" comment to show our readers how shameful they are. On March 10, 2010, an anonymous commenter left the following message about the fatal pit bull mauling of Jennifer Lowe. During this lengthily and horrific attack, Jennifer fought back both pit bulls as they tore away her face, neck, shoulder and arms. She died shortly after re… [Read full blog post]