State Law Only Allows for Meager Charges After Near Fatal Mauling

James Bright, Jr. after 3 surgeries. Pleads Not Guilty UPDATE 10/21/10: On Monday, Virgil C. Mitchell III pleaded not guilty to a fourth-degree felony, a charge that was not initially anticipated, and four misdemeanor charges in connection to the dog attack that hospitalized James Bright, Jr. If convicted, Mitchell faces up to 18 months in jail and a $5,000 fine on the felony charge, and 60 days in jail and a $750 fine for each lesser charge. Between now and the trial date, Janu… [Read full blog post]

Boy, 8, Nearly Killed by Pit Bull in Warren, Michigan; Also Mauled by Pit Bull at Age 3

Felony Charge UPDATE 08/25/10:Two weeks after a near fatal pit bull mauling, Khalil Rocks still cannot walk. His mother Deanna Rocks, however, is pleased that authorities are charging the pit bull owner with a felony. "He's scarred for life," Rocks said. "Some type of punishment needs to be dealt with." On August 26, Jenny Angel, 31, was arraigned on one count of harboring a dangerous animal causing serious injury -- a 4-year felony. She pleaded not guilty and her bond was set… [Read full blog post]

Dangerous By Default: Extreme Breeds by Anthony Solesky

From left: Dominic, Brian Nevill, Shelly Burnett, the injuries and collapsible dog pen. Dangerous By Default On Saturday, April 28, 2007, Anthony Solesky's son and two other boys were attacked by a pit bull that broke free from its pen. Anthony's son, Dominic, suffered life-altering injuries in the attack. "Dangerous By Default"1 is a first hand account by Dominic's father about the attack and what happened afterward. In a raw, powerful, and at times explosive voice, Anth… [Read full blog post]

Nebraska Humane Society Describes Pit Bull Injury as 'Mutilation'

Joyce Hayne in her hospital bed, pit bull owner Eraina Stubblefield and Sgt. Stubby1. Doctor's Save Leg UPDATE 09/21/09: Doctors were able to save Joyce Haynes' badly injured leg with a wound described as "large as a fist" in her left calf. Haynes said that she will need skin graft surgery to repair the damage. Despite this recent attack, Mark Langan of the Nebraska Humane Society says pit bull bites are down since new laws went into effect last year (including breed-specific p… [Read full blog post]

6-Year Old May Need Skin Grafts After Pit Bull Attack in La Vista

From left: Aliyah Balquier, pit bull wound, fence corner, Mark Langan (NHS). Aliyah's Story Unfolds UPDATE 05/22/09: The Omaha World-Herald reports, "The dog, named Stix, pushed against the fence, which leaned with his weight. He stuck his head over and latched onto Aliyah's arm. The neighbor had to punch Stix repeatedly to get him to let go." WOWT has a slightly different story, and a video that depicts Aliyah, her injuries, the fenced area and a brief message by Mark Langan… [Read full blog post]

Frankie Flora's Uncle Speaks to Eyewitness News About his Recovery

Frankie Flora was attacked by a pit bull adopted out by "Out of the Pits" rescue. Bake Sale: May 17 UPDATE 05/15/09: The bake sale to help raise funds for Frankie's future surgeries is swiftly approaching. The bake sale, organized by Dora Celestino of Poughkeepsie, will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 17 at the Stop & Shop on Route 9 (view map) in the Town of Poughkeepsie. If you have helped organize a separate benefit for Frankie, or know about one, please leave this information i… [Read full blog post]