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26 thoughts on “Zupf: Cuba Child Left Unrecognizable After Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Oh, my heart is aching so for this poor child! I am having such a visceral reaction — my stomach is in knots — the horror she had to endure, and the suffering she will endure, and the lifetime of disability! I see that comments have been turned off for this article, and I am not surprised. The pit nutters have been out in droves on every story lately, blaming the victims, blaming the media, blaming the owners, blaming Colleen! I know they troll this site, and then hit the comment's sections of the articles linked here with their same old tired nonsensical bs! I've noticed that some of them are using the phrase "loyalty breeds" now. How ridiculous is that? They expect the public to embrace that these dogs are loyal due to breeding, yet refuse to admit that they are dangerous because of their breeding! Madness! Argh!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am sure the pit bull advocates will all clamor to "save" the pit bull who attacked this child. After all, isn't that what they love to do? Spend thousands of dollars "rehabilitating" dogs that maul children and other helpless animals?

    I'm sure the pit bull lobby will blame the victim, as usual…this little girl must have "provoked" the dog, it was the parents fault for not "supervising" the child, (because children should never be more than 3 feet away from their parents, who should be constantly on the look-out for killer dogs). I am sure pit bull owners will have great sympathy for the "poor dog" who "must have been abused" and may have to be "put to sleep" all because of a "stupid owner" who let the dog get loose.

    This country should be ashamed that we have allowed the lunatic fringe of the humane movement to create public policy. In other countries, there is public outrage when a child is almost killed by a dog, in the U.S. we just shrug and give the dog owner a small fine.

  3. The attacking pit bull was shot dead. There is no pit bull to save. No one apparently knows who shot the dog. But the shooting of the dog has FORCED the child to now also undergo the expensive and painful rabies treatment.

  4. Trigger, can't they test the dead dog for rabies? I thought that was why they always "quarantined" the dogs, so they wouldn't have to kill them to test them for rabies. I believe they have to do forensics on the brain to test for rabies, thus, it can't be done while the animal is alive.

  5. Anon, you hit all the pit talking points that are cramming the comments section of the article that is allowing comments (the pictures and fund links). They are blaming the girl for being around the dog, and the mother, and feeling sorry for the beast that was killed. Also, not a one is saying how chaining up a dog makes them vicious, which is one of their favored comments. I guess that argument doesn't work in their favor here, because they are all saying, "What a responsible owner! He chained his dog up! Just what responsible owners should do! That girl is at fault cuz she entered the dog's territory!"

    I think I have to go outside and let a bloodcurdling scream now…

  6. "Also, not a one is saying how chaining up a dog makes them vicious, which is one of their favored comments"

    It depends on who is leaving the comments.

    If it is AKC people or dogfighters, they SUPPORT chaining dogs.

    That is how dogfighters do business, they chain their dogs, and the AKC lobbies with the dog fighters.

  7. "This country should be ashamed that we have allowed the lunatic fringe of the humane movement"

    Yes, one part of this pit bull "advocacy" population is a minority fringe of humane movement (which isn't really humane, they are ANTI-humane).

    But the bulk of it is PIT BULL BREEDERS, dog fighters, the AKC, the UKC, etc.

    Those are most of the people writing those comments. They are on their breeder boards and forums right now with links to the story, telling each other what to post, to blame the victim, etc.

    The primary impetus behind pit bull "advocacy" is BREEDERS and FIGHTERS, because they have a strong motivation- MONEY and profits.

    And a minority fringe of the humane world has gotten involved with those breeders.

  8. FoolMeOnce, when you see the "responsible dog owner" talk, you are getting that talk from BREEDERS.

    This is their lingo. It's a giveaway.

    And the breeders support chaining, as the dog fighters use chaining as a kenneling technique.

    And the "responsible" breeders have been lobbying with and for the dog fighters for years now.

    Look at NAIA for example:

  9. NAIA is run by AKC breeders (including an AKC board member)

    NAIA routinely lobbies for pit bulls (puppy mills too) and dog fighters directly cite NAIA and provide links to NAIA and claim that NAIA represents their financial interests.

    Most of the people involved in NAIA lobbying are other AKC breeders (and UKC) who routinely lobby against anything NAIA lobbies against.

    There are other similar groups. NAIA is just one, but an example of how these different breeder groups lobby together.

  10. And as far as Missouri goes, that is not only one of the key dog fighting and dog fighting breeding states in the country, but a key puppy mill breeder state.

    The AKC directly does business with the puppy mill breeders and brokers in Missouri, and there are many pro-breeder lobbying groups in that state all doing exactly what you see in those comments- using any deception or propaganda possible to deny problems and oppose regulation.

    Regulation would reduce their profits.

    Some of these breeder lobbying groups have connections to some Missouri legislators who do their dirty work as well.

  11. It is important that we make a clarification about this case. While Lexi's family (specifically her brother) may be a pit bull advocate, this in NO WAY alters the fact that an innocent child was nearly killed by a neighbor's pet pit bull. This child is absolutely blameless. Please keep this in mind when leaving future comments.

  12. Unbelievable that they left a dog that did that kind of damage to a child in home quarantine, chained outside, no less. The dog attacked the child WHILE AT HOME, CHAINED OUTSIDE. I wish I was a Missouri lawyer, I really do.

  13. I apologize if it sounded like I was blaming Lexi. In no way do I blame that innocent child. I was quoting some of the ridiculous comments.

  14. Update 2/11/10 — Regina Middleton, Lexi’s aunt, told Three Rivers Publishing on Tuesday, Lexi was doing better this week, but was going to have undergo another surgery. She said the family really appreciates all the prayers and well wishes they have received.

    “They want to take her off the ventilator, but haven’t yet and she is still being fed by a feeding tube,” Regina said. “She woke up and is just now getting to where she can open one eye to look at us.” Regina went on to say this has been devastating for the family and the Cuba Elementary first grader.

    The animal was quarantined at its owner’s residence. Later, it was found by the owners lying deceased in the yard after several gunshots wounds to the head. Crawford County Maj. Darin Layman said reports indicated the dog had never bitten anyone before Friday’s incident, although it had been in fights with other dogs.

  15. IF this were your child and you started to poison pit bulls whenever and however possible…could anybody blame you?

    Bone crushing power, "locked on" to a 1st graders face.

    This has got to stop. Call your legislators, state, local and federal. This has got to stop!

  16. How does the owner of the chained up Canine IED plan on liquidating assets to pay for Lexi's years of surgeries?!?

    With great power comes responsibility…

  17. "although it had been in fights with other dogs."

    Ok, so many of these pits that are mauling the kids have a history of DOG AGGRESSION!

    The authorities knew this but NOTHING WAS DONE?

    The County has culpability here. This was a known dangerous dog and they did NOTHING.

    Dog aggression means THERE IS A PROBLEM and PEOPLE are going to get hurt.

  18. Colleen, thank you for letting me know the details behind your post. I am sure those "unposted" posts were from the pit nutters that we see routinely slamming this site. I have been searching for an update on little Lexi, but can't find one. I have a little girl her age, and it just makes me physically ill to think about her in this way. I mentioned in the story about little Anastasia that we now have three pit living in our neighborhood. I didn't mention that I have seen two of them roaming free on several occaissions. I mentioned that I avoid those houses on walks. I did not mention that I am so very reluctant to allow my children outside any more. I know a big stick, a can of mace, or pepper spray would do nothing to stop these dogs should they decide to attack. I did just get a new gun, however…. but still, I shouldn't have to be packing to just to go on a walk!

  19. FoolMeOnce, can you video these loose dogs and go to the mayor or county council or whoever runs the show and get containment enforced?

    I do also know of people in areas where others insist on letting their dogs roam loose that attorneys have been hired to notify the dog owner and their insurance company, and get it on record. That has fixed the problem very fast.

  20. Video taping loose dogs and reporting them works very well. Often charges can be filed based on the video tape alone. Just be sure you know at what address the dog resides so they can ticket the proper individual. It wouldn't hurt to write your mayor and city council, or your county commissioners, that you fear to let your kids outside because of these roaming dogs. Include stories of recent maulings. It can and does sometimes make a tremendous difference.

  21. There is an update on Lexi — she is at home now. The video shows her with one of their pits on her lap. He has cropped ears. I just can't believe that the mom is keeping those dogs after what happened to her own daughter!

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